Weather Influences Inflation in Bali

TheBaliTimes  April 7, 2014   DENPASAR ~

The weather change affects on the rainy season, high sea waves, causing disruption of food production, distribution lines and one of its effects is the rise in prices or inflation in Bali.

“Bali that gets a lot of tourist arrivals both domestic and foreign, dependence on food so most of the foods are supplied from outside the area,” said Deputy Director of the Representative Office of Bank Indonesia region III, Suarpika Bimantoro in Denpasar, on Saturday.

Inflation of foods commodities is one aspect to be monitored by the Bank of Indonesia, considering its large influence in the formation of overall inflation and all is the result of Price Monitoring Survey (SPH).

He mentioned that these observations indicated an increase in prices due to the high rainfall that hamper agricultural productivity and high waves blocking the distribution of food commodities.

Observing these developments, Bank Indonesia expects inflation in Bali in January 2014 were in the range 0.9 -1.25 percent (month to month), then this area annual inflation (January 2013 – January 2014) will be in the range of 6.8 percent (yoy) to 7.2 percent (yoy). More:

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