Look At Climate Change A Showcase for Globalist Propaganda in New TV Series, ‘Years of Living Dangerously’

By Clare Swinney, 13th April, 2014.

Actor Harrison Ford, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of Conservation International, a foundation funded by the globalist’s Rockefeller Foundation,  came out as  a climate change fearmonger who meant business in 2008, a role he now plays in a 9-part TV series about climate change titled, Years of Living Dangerously,which premiered in the US on April the 13th, 2014.

In the first episode, which can be viewed online,  Ford climbs into a jet at NASA’s Ames Research Centre and propagandizes: “Today I get to fly on a  jet that was originally designed for war.  Now NASA is using it for a peaceful mission, but the stakes are just as high. Our task is to collect air samples that measure greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The main cause of climate change.”

Like Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth,another fictional portrayal of humanity caused climate change,  there are no interviews with well-known, well-respected climate scientists on offer who can provide the public with a balanced viewpoint.  For example, according to Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia, Fred Singer there has been no warming now for some 15 years  – in spite of rising levels of greenhouse gases and climate models have not come up with any accepted explanation.  Instead the show promotes the globalists’ one-sided view, its producers evidently under the control of the New World Order.

After the footage of Harrison Ford flying the jet, he chats with Laura Iraci, a research scientist at NASA, who talks about her scary vision of the future because of the new “physical reality,” although she did not mention the elephant in the living room, the one NASA has been trying to conceal from the public.   There are masses of aerosol trails, aka chemtrails, that  are being put into the skies around the globe, and evidence shows that these aerosols are creating climate change as they have contributed to global dimming  and they are being used to create extremes in weather.

Which takes us to the next subject in the program, called ‘Pray For Rain’ which was executive produced by James Cameron, who in 2010 suggested questioning the science of “man-made global warming” was criminal,  Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has known Nazi and New World Order ties, and  Jerry Weintraub.   The segment opens with actor Don Cheadle introducing Plainview, Texas locals who are praying for rain because Cargill, the largest privately held company in the US, has closed its meatpacking plant there owing to  a 3-year-long drought, which led to a huge drop in cattle numbers and about 2,300 jobs being lost in a town of around 22,230.

Cheadle omitted to refer to reports of aerosol trails being seen over Texas regularly in recent years, which can be found online.  The sightings of these, in conjunction with the research work of TV weatherman, Scott Stevens, amongst others,  provide strong evidence to suggest that the Texas drought was created using weather tampering technology, of which there was evidence of during the show.  Aerosol trails littered the aptly named Plainview sky, and a milky-white haze, caused by aerosols trails dispersing over time, was evident in the atmosphere.

It is widely acknowledged by geoengineers that a consequence of saturating the atmosphere with particulates, is drought.   Likewise, on March the 10th, 2000, the BBC referred to research conducted by Daniel Rosenfeld of the University of Jerusalem, which demonstated that air pollution stops it from raining.

A screen shot from Years of Living Dangerously.  Outside the Cargill meatpacking plant, multiple aerosol trails litter the Plainview sky.

From Years of Living Dangerously, outside Cargill’s meatpacking plant, aerosol trails & trails dispersing in Plainview sky.


Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman

As international tensions have built up over Syria, some “man-made global warming” proponents have tried to capitalize on the situation by blaming rising levels of carbon dioxide for the conflict, and claiming droughts from 2006 to the present time are due to global warming.  Years of Living Dangerously nurtures this hoax also, and uses warmist Thomas L. Friedman of the New York Times,  as its mouthpeice.

While suggesting that drought was responsible for the signs of war he saw in Syria, Friedman neglected to mention that the US fanned the flames of the conflict in there by colluding with al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization allegedly responsible for attacking the US.  Although this fact was obviously of huge importance to the war story, it was swept under the carpet for the fearmongering purposes of the new show.

The globalists are aiming to destabilize the Middle East using a variety of methods, including, evidence shows, weather warfare techniques.  In 2011 and 2012, Iranian President Ahmadinejad accused Western powers of deliberately destroying his country’s rain clouds in order to create a drought.  While the US Air Force’s, Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025,’  (1996), exposed its desire to engage in extensive weather modification and control techniques.  In addition, the CNA Military Advisory Board, a panel of the US’s highest-ranking retired military leaders, identified climate change as a “threat multiplier” because it can exacerbate political instability in the world’s most dangerous regions.

In exploiting extremes in weather created in part at least, by weather modification technology, to sell “man-made climate change” the makers of Years of Living Dangerously  have followed the globalists’ script. A report by the globalist think-tank, The Club of Rome, titled The First Global Revolution, (1991) included this declaration:  ‘In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.’

The Report From Iron Mountain (1963) also suggested using fake environmentalism as a means to manipulate the masses.   Its authors stated that a suitable substitute for war would be needed under a world government and a new enemy which posed a frightful threat to survival was required, although neither the threat, nor the enemy needed to be real. Several substitutes for war were considered, including a staged space-alien invasion, but the only one that fit the bill was the environmental pollution model, for not only could it be related to observable conditions, but it also could it be used to justify expansive and authoritarian government, and requires the public to impoverish themselves, thereby widening the gap between leaders and followers.

The globalists are using the TV series Years of Living Dangerously to try and ignite the flames of global warming hysteria and convince an unwitting public to believe their carbon dioxide emissions are causing droughts, wars, and famines.   Like the attacks of 9/11, man-made climate change is a false flag operation. It is a fraud the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers and the Bilderbergers are backing, while the shocking truth about the widespead use of weather modification technology, which is causing droughts and seriously harming the environment, is being concealed.


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