BUSTED! Establishment Media Caught Faking News

TheAlexJonesChannel, Published on 25 Apr 2014

The establishment media serves as the propaganda arm of the war machine. It’s their job to file dubious reports as part of a campaign to build public consensus for ongoing interventions, from Iraq and Libya to Syria and eventually Ukraine.

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3 Responses to BUSTED! Establishment Media Caught Faking News

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  2. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

    Its incredible how much blow assed stuff comes across that so called MSM (Main Stream Media).
    There are plenty out there, here is another two to check out.
    Then there was this one, this is classic……

    Thinking back to Syria, it wasnt that long ago, they were looking at going into Syria and possibly blowing the guts out of it over so called chemical weapons.
    Now here is where it gets interesting, the so called chemical weapons were sodium fluoride
    and potassium fluoride. NOW, if you go and grab your toothpaste tube, you will see one of these ingredients.. sodium fluoride…… (Dont forget to smile now as you are cleaning your teeth with a potential chemical weapon ingredient.
    How can it be, that in one country it be great for your dental hygiene but in another, it can be classed as a chemical weapon?????
    Check out Mike Adams full run down:

  3. Sarah says:

    I see this often,news on RT, then an American network and then TV 1or three 3, whole segments of reports edited to make a story almost fiction.

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