Video: Shaken To The Core, Christchurch

South Canterbury Sky Watch,  Published on 25th April, 2014.

Having been away from Christchurch, it was quite a shock to see the destruction that had taken place from these earthquakes that struck.
Having known Christchurch as a busy, bustling city then to see it destroyed was quite a eerie feeling.
From looking down streets, shop after shop, bustling with business and now to see doors shut, buildings barricaded off and huge holes where buildings once stood, was quite a numbing feeling but standing in the Cathedral Square, face to face with what was once the center attraction of central Christchurch, “The Cathedral”, to see it fenced off, in tatters, left most people numb. The blank looks on their faces said it all.
Having been familiar with the Illuminati cards, i was left with a lump in my throat when i first visited Christchurch, to see a cone shaped sculpture standing a very short distance from the doors of “The Cathedral” took me straight back the the earthquake projector card.
These cards were published in the mid 1990`s and so many things around the globe can be kind of matched up to these cards.
Most people would be familiar with the disaster that took place on American soil where the Twin Towers were bought down and also the Pentagon. If you take the time to look at the cards, you will see it for yourself, plus many others.
One can only speculate, as these are only cartoonish drawings BUT, as you look, you will wonder.
Myself and many others would like to think this was just a natural happening, the quake that shook Christchurch to the core, but with so much information, about certain exotic weapons, weapons of mass destruction such as HAARP, which stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, one can only wonder and just hope it was only Mother Nature having a burp.…………

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