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Transitions Radio Magazine Interviews Top Aerosol Researcher, Clifford Carnicom

  Carnicom Institute·

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Walter Graham Talks About Dangers of Drinking Fluoridated Water & More

The interview starts at approximately the 33 minute mark. Published on 27 May 2014, Factor Nine with Pamela Tartar who talks with an expert on water fluoridation, Walter Graham.  Walter talks about his research and his work related to … Continue reading

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Clifford Carnicom’s Documentary ‘Aerosol Crimes’ Re-edited

Published on 26th May 2014, Carnicom Institute A philanthropic edit of the original documentary “Aerosol Crimes” by Clifford E Carnicom. Visit the Carnicom Institute at

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Stop Smart Meters – Public Meeting on Wireless Technologies on May 29

Public meeting on wireless technologies on Thursday, May 29; Talk on electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and health on June 15…. and much more!  Welcome to another newsletter from Here is the latest news Public meeting on wireless technologies Thursday May … Continue reading

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Timaru Rainwater Found To Contain High Levels of Aluminium & Barium

Increasing numbers of New Zealanders are voicing their concerns about the aluminium, barium and strontium contaminating their environment in assocation with the issue commonly referred to as “chemtrails.”   While “chemtrails” have typically been portrayed by the mainstream media and politicians … Continue reading

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Fungi – Webs? Another Covert Weapon in NZ?

Thank-you to Rose, who runs the informative website for forwarding this video which was made in Marton, New Zealand.  Rose offers:  “This is from my wonderful friend, who uses the online name of Danielle. She is in her 60s … Continue reading

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The Perception Deception – David Icke On The Sage of Quay Radio

Published on 7th May, 2014 Host Mike Williams interviews David Icke. Tonight our very special guest is David Icke. David is one of the preeminent researchers in the alternative research community. David has steadfastly pursued the truth and exposed the … Continue reading

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Aluminium, Barium & Strontium In Hamilton Rainwater Collected in March & April 2014.

Thank-you very much to Tom MacRae.  He collected two rainwater samples in Hamilton, New Zealand in March and April, 2014 and sent them to Hill Laboratories for testing for the three elements being found globally in association with sightings of aerosol … Continue reading

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Dane Wigington on The Bob Charles Show – April 22, 2014

Bob Charles of The Bob Charles Show of the Pyramid One Network, interviewed Dane Wigington on April the 22, 2014.  They spoke about the evidence related to chemtrails/geoengineering and more. Dane Wigington – Bio from Dane Wigington has an … Continue reading

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