If These Images Don’t Scream: “Something Strange Is Going On In Our Skies!” What Does?‏

By Marian SutherlandChemical-Hazard-Labels-NFPA67-P5-ba

I am constantly observing signs in the sky here in North Canterbury, New Zealand that can only be explained by the presence of clandestine Atmospheric Aerosol Geoengineering operations overhead. The high concentrations of sprayed aerosol material often create a milky-white veil which blots out the sun, along with some unusual cloud formations, or other anomalies.

On May the 20th, 2014, in the late afternoon, a disturbing color display, reminiscent of an oil slick, was revealed in some high cloud to the west above the mountains.

There should be chemical warning labels on all containers in laboratories and workplaces, but what if the experimental lab is our atmosphere? What if these chemicals are harmful to our health, and the health of our environment and every living thing?  Should we not be warned that there are hazardous materials descending in the residue from chemtrails? We should be warned, but appallingly, we are not.






About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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2 Responses to If These Images Don’t Scream: “Something Strange Is Going On In Our Skies!” What Does?‏

  1. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

    Great photos Marian. Its incredible how so many are so blind, but once they become aware of what goes on above, once there eyes go from either the tv screen or their phone screens, with eyes skyward, they soon start to see things look quite abnormal.
    Speaking of getting eyes to the sky, i had a couple friends, who are in their 40,s and whilst visiting them, i was talking bout this sky activity and just told them to look up, look over their shoulders and there was a “oil slick”. They were stumped as they had never seen this sort of colouring before. But as they said, they never look up and like so many, they just presume all is ok above and just keep on going bout their every day lives.
    I know myself, and probably speaking on behalf of so many others, globally that are aware of what is going on above, i was gob smacked when i first starting looking into this whole chemtrail issue. From viewing the first, long, long white streak i seen, (quite a few years ago while in Australia), till this day, i continue to find time to keep an eye on this activity. If only others did the same, take some time to LOOK UP or read, view videos or check out geoengineering websites and most importantly, have an open mind, they too will see things are not right.

    • Marian Sutherland says:

      I appreciate your comment South Canterbury Sky Watch. I just came across an interesting quote by author Naomi Klein mentioned in an article by Will Thomas entitled ” Straight From The Heart” : ” Most people can’t let themselves care about something they can’t fix, because it’s just too terrifying…” Will had recently had a close shave with death, and shares his perspective in this article http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/?s=straight+from+the+heart

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