More heavy rain threatens Northland, New Zealand

Droughts in summer and floods in winter – extreme weather in Northland since chemtrails/geoengineering became a commonplace sight, is making life exceedingly difficult for many farmers in this region. (CS).

RadioNZ, Updated today 20 July, 2014

Police warned people to avoid travelling in parts of Northland on Saturday night as thunderstorms again threatened the region with flooding.

The Fire Service said three homes in Maungaturoto, south of Whangarei, were flooded on Saturday.

At least 50 millimetres of intense rain fell on Saturday, closing State Highway 1 at Brynderwyn Hill between Auckland and Whangarei.

Fire crews also helped the drivers of stranded vehicles, one at Maungatoroto and another that was cut off by flooding on state highway one north of Waipu. Another vehicle was stuck in floodwater at Tutukaka.

Floodwaters had been receding following fine weather during the past six days. But Northland Civil Defence spokesperson Graeme MacDonald said last week’s flooding meant groundwater levels had risen sharply, causing localised flooding.


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1 Response to More heavy rain threatens Northland, New Zealand

  1. SH1 at Brynderwyn Hill reopened, July 20, 2014

    Updated at 7:34 am today

    State Highway 1 between Auckland and Whangarei has reopened Sunday morning after a large slip at Brynderwyn Hill was cleared.

    The Transport Agency said the slip was just past the turnoff for State Highway 12 on the south side of the hill.

    The Agency said care should still be taken in the area due to the risk of further slips caused by Saturday night’s heavy rain.

    The Fire Service said three homes in Maungaturoto, south of Whangarei, were flooded; in one case, the occupants of a house were trapped by flood water.

    Crews also helped three stranded vehicles, at Maungaturoto, Waipu and Tutukaka.

    Civil Defence says the worst affected areas are around Whangarei, the Bynderwyns and inland towards Dargaville.

    Next story in Regional: More heavy rain threatens Northland

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