Action News Now Report On Shasta Country Hearing About Chemtrails Distorts The Truth

This following news report regarding the Shasta County, California hearings into aerosol geoengineering and their impacts upon health and the environment, aired on Action News Now on July 15, 2014.

As is typical for the mainstream press, the reporter, Charlene Cheng, suppressed the truth by stating that most in the scientific community regard chemtrails as condensation trails. Anyone with eyes to see can see that the chemtrails linger, sometimes for hours and can spread out to form cloud-like material, while condensation trails from jet aircraft normally fade away within a minute.  Also, chemtrails can remain lingering in arid conditions in which condensation trails could not exist. Plus, there are other means by which one can distinguish chemtrails from ‘contrails’ or condensation trails, including that some planes have aerosol delivery devices along a large portion of the trailing edge of the wings, making it an impossibility for their expansive trails to be mere condensation trails.  See an example of this here.  Note also that the trail stops and starts indicating an aerosol delivery device is being turned off and on.

Well done to those who attended and spoke, in particular founder of,   Dane Wigington of Shasta County, who has found there are massive and ever increasing quantities of the exact heavy metals called for in numerous geo-engineering patents in all of the samples he has had tested by a state certified laboratory.

Let’s hope their action, which involves addressing different levels of government, is a start of something significant, which leads to the eventual halting of chemtrails/geoengineering.

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An investigation by a KSLA news team in 2008 found substances falling to earth from a high altitude aerosol trail contained high levels of barium (6.8 ppm) and lead (8.2 ppm), in conjunction with trace amounts of other chemicals including arsenic, chromium and cadmium.  Watch the KSLA news story here. 


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Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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