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Ask Your Library To Get A Copy of ‘Chemtrails, HAARP, & the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth’

If you are concerned about the issue of weather warfare and seeing skies covered in aerosol material and you’d like to educate others about it, here is something you can do for your community in the near future that won’t … Continue reading

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Michael Murphy: Chemtrail/Geoengineering Detox MSM Organic Sulfur‏

Fellow chemtrail/geoengineering activists, After directing/producing “WHAT and WHY in the World are They Spraying?”, many people sent me samples of various health products including organic MSM/Sulfur.  Because I was taking other detox protocols and had not heard of MSM/Sulfur, I … Continue reading

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Windowless planes could be a reality in less than 10 years

Jerry Markon London Independent October 27, 2014 Those minuscule windows on aeroplanes could soon become a thing of the past, with a UK developer working on windowless fuselages that instead house giant, flexible OLED screens. Depending on your point of … Continue reading

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Steve Quayle on Alex Jones Show on Ebola, Chemtrails & More

On the Alex Jones show today Steve Quayle, survivalist expert, author and radio host,  joined the show to cover the latest on Ebola and ways people can prepare for a major crisis.   He suggests that chemtrails might be used as … Continue reading

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Mike Williams Interviews Zen Gardner

Many of you will be aware that Zen Gardner, who runs the website Just Wondering, has written a number of popular articles about chemtrails over recent year.   Mike Williams, who uses the blog name the Sage of Quay, spoke to … Continue reading

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Published by ArapuniWizard on the 13 October, 2014. Around sunset last night, I was watching the sky when I noticed a bright line appearing in the distance. I zoomed in and could see a plane spraying a trail which stopped. … Continue reading

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Drought Conditions In New Zealand Caused By Aerosols & Climate Engineering Blamed On ‘Human Activity’

It was only a matter of time before the public and greenhouse gases would be blamed for the recent droughts in New Zealand which evidence shows are due to aerosols and climate engineering.   Here it is in an article titled: … Continue reading

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August 2014: NOT the hottest on record!

Published on 26 Sep 2014 Guess what? Ice caps are making a comeback. Oops Sourced from Brasscheck.

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‘Climate change’ Used To Sell Idea of Engineering Humans, ‘One-Child’ Policy

BBC, July 2014 In the far future, might we consider changing human biology to avoid the worst effects of climate change? Frank Swain explores an intriguing thought experiment. Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing humankind, and as … Continue reading

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Climate Engineering March in London To Downing Street – 27th September, 2014

If you need inspiration, watch this. Activists carrying a variety of stunning posters gathered in Hyde park, London, England to raise awareness of the aerosol crimes taking place in the skies around the world.  Later on in the day they … Continue reading

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