Drought Conditions In New Zealand Caused By Aerosols & Climate Engineering Blamed On ‘Human Activity’

It was only a matter of time before the public and greenhouse gases would be blamed for the recent droughts in New Zealand which evidence shows are due to aerosols and climate engineering.   Here it is in an article titled: Drought lengthened by climate change by Olivia Wannan, which was published at Stuff.co.nz on October 2nd, 2014.

When employees of the Crown-owned research institute, the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research, (NIWA), have been questioned by myself and others regarding all the evidence of the use of climate engineering and aerosols around New Zealand in recent years, they fail to acknowledge these crimes.

NIWA was caught engaging in outragous fraud by the The Climate Science Coalition of NZ in November 2009 and was exposed in manipulating data to promote the belief in man-made global warming in New Zealand.  It seems they went back to the drawing board to try and find another means to convince the public that there was climate change and put the blame at the public’s doorstep.  Now NIWA is using computer modeling, and turning a blind eye to the widescale use of climate modification technology to arrive at a politically convenient conclusion.

Here is the article:

Stuff.co.nz, 2 Oct, 2014.

The evidence is in – humans have left a distinctive fingerprint at the 2013 drought crime scene.

In an international paper released this week, New Zealand scientists have analysed climate models around the extreme weather event, which knocked at least $1.3 billion out of New Zealand’s economy.

While the natural variations played a leading role, human activity was a definite accomplice, according to National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research scientist Sam Dean.

With two Victoria University and two fellow Niwa scientists, Dean used computer modelling to compare the 2013 climate over New Zealand with a simulation of the world “that might have been” without the greenhouse gases and chlorofluorocarbons that people have pumped into the atmosphere.

“We found that the drought was a little more intense than it would have been without climate change.”

In summer, greenhouse gases and the ozone hole intensified the high-pressure systems that brought dry weather, Dean said.

The models showed climate change added several extra dry days to the average total of 78 during which there was no rainfall in the North Island last year.

“Climate change is making a difference to New Zealand now, affecting our droughts and our rainfall extremes.”

Last year’s rural assistance bill topped $800,000.

More: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/10568966/Drought-lengthened-by-climate-change


Dr Joe Golden of the American Meterological Society talks about how aerosols are used to manipulate the weather

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