Ask Your Library To Get A Copy of ‘Chemtrails, HAARP, & the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth’

If you are concerned about the issue of weather warfare and seeing skies covered in aerosol material and you’d like to educate others about it, here is something you can do for your community in the near future that won’t cost you a cent.

The next time you visit your local library, ask the staff to order Elana Freeland’s 2014 book, published by Feral House, ‘Chemtrails, HAARP & the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth’  and you may well be pleasantly surprised.

I was, after having waited for about 2 months and then today, out-of-the-blue an email came from the Whangarei Central Library advising that they now own a copy.  When I asked the library to get this in originally, there was no assurance given that they would be able to get one, as they can only buy from specific distributors.  This, however, was not a problem.

Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth has the library call number 551.68 FRE, putting it in between '50 Ways To Improve Your Weather Forecasting' & 'Earthmasters' at the Whangarei Library.

‘Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth’ has the library call number: 551.68 FRE, putting it in between ’50 Ways To Improve Your Weather Forecasting’ & ‘Earthmasters’ at the Whangarei Central Library.

This is the first book our library has about the nuts and bolts of what is really going on in our skies, chemtrail-wise and it’s aptly sandwiched in-between  ’50 Ways To Improve Your Weather Forecasting’ and  ‘Earthmasters’,  in the Natural History section of the Whangarei Central Library.

While your library may have Fixing The Sky (2010) on the history of weather and climate control by Professor James Rodger Fleming,  this does not address the evidence of the full scale weather engineering occurring, which includes the masses of aerosol trails  being seen around the globe.  Rather,  while the author documented the chilling history of the military’s climate control projects, and the idealistic and unrealistic proposals of the likes of Ken Caldeira and Lowell Wood of the Lawrence Livermore National lab to engineer the climate using aerosols [p. 260], he suggests that those who can see “a toxic cloud on every horizon” are “conspiracy theorists”, [p.187].    Likewise, ‘Earthmasters’ by Clive Hamilton, about proposed geoengineering plans, fails to acknowledge that weather modification technology is being used now – and on a diabolical scale, and what is worse, this book bursts at the seams with “man-made global warming”-speak, making it a very difficult book to digest if you do not believe carbon dioxide is a dangerous gas that will cause catastrophic warming, unless a variety of sacrifices are made to suit political agendas and the already super-wealthy.

Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth is in the 'Natural History' section of the library.

‘Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth’ cataloged in the ‘Natural History’ section.

If you want to own your own copy and in the process help others to become aware of the issue by getting it into bookshops in your area, ask stores to order copies in and see how you get on.  While it might not be straight-forward, it is worth this small effort to help to expose this  serious issue.

Ninety-four-year-old chemtrail activist, Betty Hooper asked Whitcoulls  in Whangarei to order it in, but was told they could not.  Similarly, I asked Paper Plus in Whangarei and was advised that the companies they acquire books from do not have any copies of it and they would not ask for a copy of it for me.

Perhaps smaller book-selling operations will be more obliging and if this also fails and you want to own a copy, you can purchase it at the for $24.70 NZD, which includes delivery costs or for about $35 NZD, (includes delivery).  I bought my copy via and it took about 3 weeks to arrive in New Zealand.


Buy a signed copy from Feral House:

Connect with Elana Freeland on Facebook:   and here for her book group

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4 Responses to Ask Your Library To Get A Copy of ‘Chemtrails, HAARP, & the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth’

  1. Marian Sutherland says:

    I requested that my local Hurunui Library, based in Amberley purchase Elana’s book, and received a reply two days later saying they have ordered it. A positive result, which hopefully can be replicated around NZ libraries! They will notify me when it’s available to borrow.

    • This is the email Marian sent to her library, for everyone’s information: Saturday, 1 November 2014 3:24 p.m.
      To: Hurunui District Council Info
      Subject: Re LIBRARY….a request for a cutting edge and very important book to be added to your selection for people to read

      To whom it may concern,

      I have never done this before, although I have been a member of the libraries in the Hurunui area for years. I would like to ask that when you consider what books to buy for the education of the public, please put this one on your list:

      ” Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth ” by ELANA FREELAND, and published by Feral House.

      I assure you, it will be a worthy addition. The Whangarei Public Library has recently added this title to their books ( image enclosed )

      I look forward to finding that this book is available for borrowing from our libraries in the Hurunui area in the near future.


      The reply:

      Dear Marian,

      We regularly receive requests from our borrowers to purchase particular items for the library and we will try and fulfil these as much as possible within the constraints of our budget.
      As long as the item is not too dated or too costly (for instance study text books or legal manuals) and of a suitable format for library use, we are happy to source it.

      As to the content of items in our collections, as a public library we consider it an important part of our role to guard against censorship.
      What our borrowers choose to read is up to them; however by purchasing requested items we are not endorsing any specific content.

      We have placed an order for the book you requested and will inform you as soon as it ready to be borrowed.

      Hope this is of help,

      Kind regards,


      End of email.

      Thank-you for your unwavering commitment to expose this crime, Marian. You are an inspiration!

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