More Pathological Chemtrail Spraying Over Tasman Sea- West of North lsland, October 31-November 1

Satellite imagery taken recently shows clandestine aerosol spraying was conducted off the coast of New Zealand on a significant scale.   The evidence of this activity, evident in satellite imagery, has been reported a number of times by this website.

As mentioned before, common sense should tell one that aerosols sprayed in a blanket over the sea, as shown in the first satellite image below, will reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the sea and thus evaporation and precipitation.  The effect is referred to by the IPCC : “In areas where aerosol pollution masks the ground from direct sunlight, decreases in evaporation reduce the overall moisture supply to the atmosphere…”   

If this is done regularly, reduced evaporation and a massive increase in the number of tiny cloud condensation nuclei, a technique of “overseeding” using aerosol spraying, will  lead to reduced rainfall and increase the liklihood of drought, as well as poison the atmosphere, the rain and the soil, as the aerosols are comprised of heavy metals.

While the debates continue about global climate control to counteract the supposed impacts of man-made global warming, as satellite imagery commonly shows, the insanely detrimental ecohacking of the world’s weather is taking place in plain sight.  See  If you find it hard to believe that our government would cover up this kind of activity, look into the use of 2-4-5-T and the poisoning of this country with dioxin.   A country can be deceived and your government will lie to its people year after year after year.

From:,  October 31st, 2014.  West of North Island of New Zealand.


Aerosol spraying has a fundamental effect on the weather according to Dr Joe H. Golden of the American Meteorological Association. 

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3 Responses to More Pathological Chemtrail Spraying Over Tasman Sea- West of North lsland, October 31-November 1

  1. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

  2. louisayoung says:

    man made weather – most of the chemming is done at sea it appears so that people don’t get suspicious and they can manipulate weather systems…. great video and images

    • Louisa, having seen this heavy spraying occurring over the sea like this during a drought I believe this spraying shown in the first image, is done at sea to the west of the North Island, in order to reduce the amount of H2O that evaporates off the sea, reduce precipitation and thus, the amount of rain that falls over the North Island. The rain has been sketchy, brief and quickly on and off in the last few days. It is certainly not normal. Thank-you for your input.

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