California drought is driving the depletion of irreplaceable groundwater

MotherNatureNetwork, Nov 03, 2014, By

A new study by NASA scientist James Famiglietti quantifies how fast we’re pumping water out of California’s aquifers in response to the drought.

A new report published in the journal Nature Climate Change by NASA scientist James Famiglietti paints a grim picture of water conditions in California, our country’s breadbasket. Americans get around a third of of our produce from California, but that number doesn’t really explain how dependent we are on California farms. Here’s a quick list of some foods and the percentage consumed by Americans that is grown in California (or rather were, these numbers are from 2007):
Pomegranates- 100 percent
Artichokes- 99 percent
Kiwi- 97 percent
Olives- 96 percent
Plumes and prunes- 94 percent
Avocados- 90 percent
Nectarines- 89 percent
Garlic- 85 percent
Grapes- 82 percent
Lemons- 79 percent
Tomatoes- 76 percent
Strawberries- 59 percent
The full list of what California farms produce is long and frightening. If we lose California agriculture, food will get a lot more expensive and possibly become completely unavailable, at least seasonally.

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