Aerosol Trails over Hamilton-Arapuni Region, North Island on November 10th Evening

The short video clip, which shows a long, bright-white aerosol trail lingering over Hamilton, was shot at approximately 7.30pm on November 10th and uploaded by YouTube user, Anti-NWO.

The ‘Arapuni Wizard’ photographed what may be the same aerosol trail north-east of his home in Arapuni, which is about 54 min drive away from Hamilton (59.8 km)  He described it as: “A thin line stretching from one horizon to the other.” These photo were taken between 7:34pm and 8:06pm on November 10th.

Arapuni 1SONY DSCarapuni3Arapuni2

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4 Responses to Aerosol Trails over Hamilton-Arapuni Region, North Island on November 10th Evening

  1. Ian Mitchell says:

    Alot of Aerosol trails south of Hamilton yesterday afternoon.Planes flying at 30000ft, can hardly see them with naked eye,no sign of them on flightrader24 either must have dransponders turned off??

    • Thanks for that Ian. In regard to the aircraft Flightradar24 picks up, according to the ‘About’ section on the website it states the following: The technology we use to receive flight information from aircraft is called ADS-B. Roughly 60% of all passenger aircraft around the world are equipped with an ADS-B transponder. However, this percentage will continue to grow. Read more about the technology behind Flightradar24.

  2. Bertha says:

    …Seeing hundreds over these years I have yet to hear one. I feel it is one of the major reasons people do not notice what is going on.

    • We hear them in Northland, New Zealand. We hear the passenger planes that spray aerosols, anyway. They are ascending usually and at an altitude of about 28,000-32,000 feet, according to, I understand.

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