Shocking Mass Aerosol Dump In Waikato on the 23rd November, 2014

Thank-you to Leone P. for taking these shocking photos of aerosols sprayed in parallel polluting the atmosphere between Huntly and Cambridge, in the Waikato region of the North Island of New Zealand on the 23rd of November, 2014.  The photos were taken at 5pm and 5.10pm.


About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is genuinely going on and exposing deceptions in order to help others to awaken to what is hidden in plain sight. A bright light shone makes clear what does not belong. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. WebofEvidence on YouTube: Clare on Bitchute:
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4 Responses to Shocking Mass Aerosol Dump In Waikato on the 23rd November, 2014

  1. Ngaire says:

    How could anyone up there not notice and question THAT?

    • Exactly Ngaire. I wonder if this kind of display is one of the reasons why Jim Hickey had planes spraying chemtrails behind him on the 24 of Nov – they are trying to tell the public “Go back to sleep, nothing to see here.” I will post the images of Hickey shortly.

  2. tim says:

    Been awful with the spraying in Nelson recently too. Very rare that the sky is a real deep blue, mostly a thick chemical haze, with so few stars at night due to the particulate-laden atmosphere. Council refuses to acknowledge that anything unnatural is going on, saying it is just water vapour coming out of the planes. I sent them rain water samples that show aluminium, strontium and barium levels, but just get the usual dismissal that these are anything of concern

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