Straight-Line Cuts in Cloud Cover Over Northland On Nov 25 Evidence of Drought Induction Technique?

Rain has been forecast by MetService for Whangarei, Northland a number of times in the last week, including for November the 24th and November the 26th and apart from an exceptionally light sprinkle or two, it has been as dry as a bone.   I have had to start watering my garden in places today where grass is slightly browning and plants wizening.

While rain clouds can be seen approaching over the sea to the west of Northland in satellite imagery, by the time they reach land here, they appear to be broken up and unable to produce rain.

Undoubtedly, human intervention is disrupting the hydrological cycle.

Further to my last post regarding evidence of weather modification technology evident in cloud cover in satellite imagery of November the 24th, below is an image from the satellite named Aqua for November the 25th, 2014, showing cloud cover over Northland with a series of straight-line cuts in it.  Is this one of the methods being used to stop it from raining?  Scott Stevens of Weatherwars.Info shares some of his knowledge in regard to what can be picked up in satellite images here.

Also, notice the aerosol trails that are visible through the gap in the cloud on the bottom left-hand side of the image.  On the topic of which David Hardy of Whangarei advised at about 8pm on November 25th to look up as there were six chemtrails parallel to each other in a north-south direction.    Aerosols trails are being sprayed at night, also.

IFAbove: Image from Aqua for November the 25th, 2014, showing cloud cover over Northland.  To see the full image go here:

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6 Responses to Straight-Line Cuts in Cloud Cover Over Northland On Nov 25 Evidence of Drought Induction Technique?

  1. Marian Sutherland says:

    Thanks so much for continuing to expose this weather manipulation, Clare, and great team work with David Hardy!

  2. Bertha says:

    I think you will find an article written by David Shukman , science editor of the BBC , who was also featured in a live interview by the BBC this evening, talking about Geo-engineering, telling the world via the BBC world service, that global scientists are “THINKING” of running trials of geo-engineering to cool the planet ……………………… bla bla bla. ! I ask myself, is this the start of the programs already being run around the globe being given the stamp of approval with the public’s consent, after they drive the fear button for a while ? I have shared his article on my facebook page.

  3. Len says:

    Hi All
    Here in Australia we have been in severe drought conditions for probably 30 years. Oddly as it might sound we used to be sprayed to the extent that it resembled noughts and crosses in the sky near every day until we had a change of Government.

    At the current time we are only doused with aerosol at any time that a weather pattern looks like generating any useful rain. The spraying has become very predictable just by watching the weather online.
    When you look at the satellite pictures you can see the cloud generate and look really good and after a day or so it breaks up and you may get a storm if you are lucky to be under the right cloud.
    For a long time now there has been no logical reason that I am aware of as to why we do not receive rain and lots of it apart from chemtrails and the lies that are fed to us.
    Something that is so annoying is the fact that we are now told that the weather patterns are quite normal, and the young generation believe this, as they know no different.
    Sadly, it is a very slow proces to get the sheeple to see all of this owing to the fact that what mainstream media has to say is regarded as ‘Gospel’ to most.

    I remember some boffin on the radio quite some years back telling us all that owing to ‘man-made global warming’ we would expect severe storms and mega-amounts of rain on the mid-eastern coast of Australia on the future, how ironic is that? Must have had an amazingly accurate crystal ball.
    Wasn’t ‘man-made Global warming’ started by Al Gore? From what I can find out the Planet has been slowly cooling for quite some years now. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

    There is positively no doubt that our weather is being manipulated and the evidence is overwhelming. Claims that the U.N wish to reduce the World population from 7 billion to 500 million through starvation may not be so far-fetched, for once you control the weather you control the food.
    Here in Oz not so long back the Labour Government tried to turn the entire coast line into a marine park and all fishing was to be supposedly ban. I wounder what that meant? Again, a lot of evidence is quickly stacking up for this scenario. I think they call it the Agenda 21 from what I hear. Pretty scary hey!

    • Thank-you for sharing your observations, Len. Yes, it is scary, particularly the lack of awareness of it.
      From what I can gather the idea to use the threat of environmental disaster and create the impression that humanity was the enemy, which is what they are using “man-made global warming” and the creation of extremes in weather via weather modification technology, originated in the Iron Mountain Report. This was authored by a group of intellectual elitists in 1966 who were asked to devise methods by which a government could become more powerful. War, they wrote, would be impossible under a single, world government, so other methods for controlling populations would be required. A new enemy that posed a threat to life on earth was needed.

      After considering a number of possibilities, including a staged space-alien invasion, which they decided was too far-fetched, they concluded that the environmental pollution model was the one most likely to succeed. This model, they wrote, could be related to observable conditions like pollution and predictions could be made showing end-of-earth scenarios. Accuracy was not important – what mattered was that it was believable, as the intent was to frighten, not to inform.

      The group concluded that the benefits of this model were huge for the elite, as it could be used to justify expansive and authoritarian government, as well as impoverish citizens, thereby greatly widening the gap between the leaders and followers.

      Ominously, Gore also reflects the report’s ideas in his book, Earth in the Balance:

      “We must make the rescue of the global environment the central organizing principle for civilization…[this] means using every policy and program, every law and institution, every treaty and alliance, every tactic and strategy, every plan and course of action…to halt the destruction of the environment and to preserve and nurture our ecological system,” he wrote.

      Dr Coffman, CEO of Sovereignty International, who headed a multi-million dollar research effort in the early-1990’s that studied the effects of global warming on ecosystems in the US, says there’s a cadre of scientists on “soft money” who are out of a job if they “don’t show a global-warming connection.” He says the US government is pouring an astronomical US$4 billion per annum into this research because on an elite political level, where the real power lies, there’s an agenda to establish a fascist one-world government.

      The UN, which is controlled by the elite, is preparing to take over as the government for all the world’s nations under the pretext of saving the planet from “global warming.” It aims to implement Agenda 21, which is supposedly about “sustainable development.” On cursory inspection, 21 looks reasonable, however, as Dr Michael Coffman who has taken the time to read UN documents, pointed out that the intention of the 40-chapter document is to reorganize the world around socialist, command and control regulation, as the elite view humans as earth’s primary contaminants. It will be a living nightmare for us if the elite have their way.

      Please refer for the references used herein:

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