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Numerous Aerosol Trails Seen In Satellite Imagery Over US

From Sarah Hornibrooke, 30 Dec, 2014. Above: From EOSDIS Worldview (Alpha), 26.12.2014 USA , South from Three Rivers, Michigan, where the ‘hole’ was seen on Christmas day, (see below), numerous aerosol trails were evident in the satellite imagery.

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Hole In Cloud Over Michigan

This image was taken on December the 25th from Three Rivers, Michigan by Tom M. from the end of his driveway. According to Scott Stevens of Weatherwars.Info these are formed when “a  flood of negative ions deposited into this hole acts … Continue reading

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Global Warming spokesperson, David Suzuki debunked on Australian TV

Yournewswire, Posted by  Cyrus Khoroushi  26/12/14 On this Australian talk show global warming advocate, David Suzuki, is exposed as being rather ignorant on climate change, nuclear power, fracking and solar power. David Suzuki has famously demanded jail time for global warming … Continue reading

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Letter In Today’s Northern Advocate About Chemtrails (23/12/14)

Thank-you to the editor of the Northern Advocate for publishing another letter regarding ‘chemtrails’ in today’s edition, dated the 23rd of December, 2014. This letter was emailed to the editor on the 29th of November and addressed the matter of … Continue reading

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Shocking Display of Aerosols In Parallel Over Northland on Evening of Dec 22, 2014

Masses of aerosol trails in a north-south orientation were apparent over Northland on the evening of December 22nd, 2014 between 8.30pm and 8.45pm, as these photos show, although they do not do justice to the shocking display of long trails … Continue reading

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Three Military Aircraft Caught Dumping Mysterious Fibers – Lab Tests Confirm Metals, 17 December, 2014. Marie Snow and her friend Cori Gunnels knew they stumbled across something sinister when they saw what appeared to be 50 to 60-foot long “raindrops,” solid in nature, falling from the sky in clusters after three … Continue reading

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FALSE FLAG ALERT: Terror Drill Held At Same Location In Sydney Last Year

Related: Report: Sydney Terrorist Claims to be ISIS Member, Threatens to Kill Hostages

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Uniform Row of ‘Jelly fish’ Clouds Over South Australia

  These photos were reported to have been taken fifteen minutes apart by Gael on the 15th of December, 2014 from near Mt Gambier, which is  the second most populous city in South Australia with a population of about 25,000.  … Continue reading

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Sage of Quay Radio – Suzanne Maher & Michael Murphy – Chemtrails and Psychosocial Control

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Issues of ‘Chemtrails’ & Aluminium-Containing Hailstones In Latest Organic NZ Magazine

A big thank-you to Philippa Jamieson, the editor of Organic NZ magazine  for addressing the very serious, but often ignored issue of ‘chemtrails’ in her editorial in the January/February 2015 issue.   This is for sale now at supermarkets and book … Continue reading

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