Weather Warfare News: Nelson, New Zealand Farmers Struggling

Billboard NelsonBy Louisa Young of Nelson.  

My 9-year-old son got up this morning and said: “Wow, Mum, I’ve just seen the biggest chemtrails being laid.  Where’s my Ipad?”  He found his Ipad and took photos of the trails at about at 7.30am and then a few more photos an hour later,  at about 8.30am.  

The aerosol particles blocked out the sunshine very quickly.  It’s ‘cough-cough’ weather. 

The weather in Nelson has been a real mish-mash of temperatures and cloud formations over the past 6 weeks.  I’ve seen a lot of paired aerosol trails.  We have had everything from hail storms to intense-looking clouds, which left us with an expectation that there would be plenty of rain falling, but then there was only very light rain, which got splattered around and it was over in a few minutes.

The most rain we have had in recent weeks was two days ago and that would have amounted to only a quarter-of-an-inch and these were large droplets which fell.

We have noticed a distinct chemical smell to each lot of spitting and hail storms. The clouds have been freakish-looking at times, as if they belong in another planet’s atmosphere. 

We have had days when it has been intensely hot, like being in a microwave, and then days when it has been unseasonably cold.  Sometimes we have had four seasons in one day, however, this could be deemed ‘normal’ for New Zealand, although I don’t feel that the weather is natural or normal anymore.  I don’t recall not being able to look up long without getting sore eyes 5 years ago. The haze and the glare that these aerosol trails make is very hard on the eyes now.

Also, on a negative note, it has been heart-breaking to see the farmers here struggling with their crop yields, not only owing to extreme hail storms, but also as a result of a lack of rain now.  We have very dry conditions and a dam is proposed which is expected to cost around $74.6 million which some want built to help make some Tasman district farmland more productive.

It is my wish and that of many others, that the ‘powers-that-be’ stop manipulating the weather.  This would save constructing a very expensive dam, which will hit Tasman ratepayers hard in their pockets and it will save our struggling farmers from being forced off their land.

Nelson 3 12 2Nelson 3 12 3

11.30 am Nelson

11.30 am Nelson


Weather Warfare News: Very High Aluminium Content In Hailstones From Devastated Fruit Growing Region in South Island

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4 Responses to Weather Warfare News: Nelson, New Zealand Farmers Struggling

  1. Jo says:

    Hi Louisa, Yes, today was particularly bad. It makes me so frustrated and angry!! Did you notice the sun dog too, around 1.30pm, just after several thick trails were laid and spreading out. By this evening the sky looked bizarre, like we were on another planet. Me and my daughter have been coughing since the chemtrail season started. Every time they spray my lips get very sore and tingly. Grrrrr. Pissed off!!

  2. liesl says:

    I am in the lower to mid-north Island. Every day there is thick browny-yellow coloured cloud, when the sky is not streaked with trails. I’m coughing horrendously, and the climate has been awful. It’s December. (Summer). We’ve had 2, maybe 3 beautiful sunny days in 3 months and I had the fire going the other day. My vegie garden is struggling. Things are getting to a couple of inches tall and then going to seed. How can these ghastly chemtrails be stopped!

  3. Ngaire says:

    Louisa, great photos. That dam will not come in on budget either, it will be more like $100m. As a Tasman District ratepayer also, we don’t wish to see it go ahead. Who can afford their rates now? Meanwhile, it’s so dry and to have half-decent veges we must use their expensive water. We collect as much water as they allow to fall on us, (which is bugger all at present), just to feed the garden and not add to the extortionate water bill. Nelson’s had water metering for 20 years. If you don’t have metering, enjoy it, free water will probably be taken from you. The agenda is working well, huh?

  4. will says:

    Yes, good report on the chemtrails over Nelson recently. The whole of last week was an onslaught of chem-dumping in our skies. A lot of distinctive HAARP pulsing of the clouds as well. And still so many people will still think they are just normal vapour trails, that go all across the sky and then turn into fake clouds. Even showing the water tests to council or MPs asking why the barium and aluminium levels are so high is just met with dismissive statements like that is just normal levels, or refusal even to look at the readings.
    Hard to know what we can do to get the spraying stopped, except tell everyone to look up and then research what the spraying is all about. Trouble is that so few people have the head space or time to spare to become informed

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