Coloured Cloud & Sun Dog Over Northland, 5 Dec 2014

These photos showing a coloured aerosol cloud were taken at approximately 1.50pm from Woodhill, Whangarei looking northwards roughly speaking.  The ‘contrast’ was increased on the photo settings in order to display the colours more closely to how they were seen with the naked eye.

The third photo shows a ‘sun dog’ also.  These are being seen around the globe regularly now as the aerosol trails are constantly polluting the skies with condensation nuclei, resulting in this solar phenomenon.

Coloured cloud seen from Whangarei at about 1.50pm on december the 5th, 2014.

Coloured cloud seen from Whangarei at about 1.50pm on December the 5th, 2014.


Possibly related:

Coloured clouds were seen 30 minutes before the May 12th, 2008 Sichuan, China earthquake.   I am not suggesting that there is going to be an earthquake, but that coloured clouds  have been associated with the use of tectonic weaponry.

Dr Nick Begich talks about the  Technology To Control The Weather

Tectonic Weaponry – History Channel


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Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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4 Responses to Coloured Cloud & Sun Dog Over Northland, 5 Dec 2014

  1. Gangyi Zhang says:

    Dear, Clare,

    I am Michael Zhang from Wellington.

    I visit the Wellington city council summer Wellington promotion website, link as below:

    I notice on the front page, there is a giant picture showing most of the Wellington attraction places, the background on the top left corner, there is a straight white line with a small white airplane depicting a chemtrail is in operation.

    I can only assume this is link to the promotion of let the Wellington people see this airplane with a long with trail is normal, in other word, subliminally brain wash people.

    This is my opinion.


    Michael Zhang

    ( Note: below is the screen shot of this website:


    • Thank-you Michael. I hope all is well.

    • Now that’s an interesting link you put up Micheal. One would most certainly think, that was purposely done to condition the sheep, as to a normal thing. Interesting to see “Free Ambulance” building there 🙂
      Someone may need that free ambulance with respiratory problems, created by those dirty white lines ever so slowly filling their lungs.
      Great motto for Wellington, “Absolutely, Positively…. ” a Chemtrail maybe.

  2. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

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