Flashback: Rain Making Using Electromagnetic Waves Generated by ‘Aquiess – Global Rain Project’

According to David Miles, CEO of Aquiess – Global Rain Project, the company’s technology is based on the systematic delivery of an electromagnetic waveform from a ground-based source that resonates with atmospheric weather patterns and adjusts the path of rain- bearing cloud systems. They are not using chemicals he claims.


Miles says in the video clip below that his company creates a signal that triggers a response from atmospheric patterns which they are able to observe using satellite meteorology.  They are able to send a signal in sequence to generate an incremental deviation in the flow path of the oceanic, atmospheric rivers. The source of moisture is the ocean and the vapour/moisture flow is in the atmosphere and the wind drives it. Microadjustments are made in the flow pathways to make deviations.  Says Miles: “This is how we broke the drought in Australia in 2005! This is how we put out the fires in Victoria from Black Saturday in 2009. This is how we delivered rain in the desert in Saudi Arabia in 2007. It snowed for the first time in history in 2004 in United Arab Emirates.”   Listen here:

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One Response to Flashback: Rain Making Using Electromagnetic Waves Generated by ‘Aquiess – Global Rain Project’

  1. Peter Capper says:

    Hi Clare, This HAARP tech is being used by the “White Hats” (Good Guys) within the alphabet agencies against the Cabals HAARP tech and the White Hats have so far stopped 3 massive typhoons in 12 months hitting Japan and the Philippines twice … radar footage show the typhoon being dispersed in a very obvious way! The Chinese Dragon families are transferring huge amounts of plundered WW2 gold by the Japanese called “Yamashita’s Gold” and moving it to mainland China where much of it was plundered in the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, China in 1936 – 1945 … This is why the Cabal have been attacking them but they are losing big time …. Peter http://www.tatoott1009.com/2013/11/15/5min-news-u-s-wages-war-against-philippines-using-its-haarp-weather-wmd-systems-wow-really/ Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2014 00:01:16 +0000 To: p.capper@hotmail.com

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