Numerous Aerosol Trails Seen In Satellite Imagery Over US

From Sarah Hornibrooke, 30 Dec, 2014.


Above: From EOSDIS Worldview (Alpha), 26.12.2014 USA , South from Three Rivers, Michigan, where the ‘hole’ was seen on Christmas day, (see below), numerous aerosol trails were evident in the satellite imagery.

Three Rivers, Michigan

Three Rivers, Michigan

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1 Response to Numerous Aerosol Trails Seen In Satellite Imagery Over US

  1. Melly from Welly says:

    That’s an interesting website EOSDIS, never seen it before & could be quite a valuable resource for monitoring our own situation here in NZ. Just been flicking through the images for NZ over December as i have noticed that we always seem to have cloudy days here in Wellington, dont know if im being paranoid but almost like its being blocked out deliberately! Anyone else think we have had excessive cloud cover in recent months? Im missing the sunshine. Thanks for your updates Claire, always informative & thought-provoking. The image for Dec 24 looks peculiar, like a giant stingray SE of our South Island:,MODIS_Terra_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor,Reference_Labels(hidden),Reference_Features(hidden),Coastlines&t=2014-12-24&v=157.75366210935,-62.143432617188,184.75366210935,-29.518432617188

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