The Tribune Raises Issue of Aluminium-Contaminated Hailstones & More, Plus Publishes Letter About Chemtrails


What a wonderful start for 2015!  As well as getting a letter regarding chemtrails published in the January 14th edition of The Tribune, (click to enlarge it above), the paper’s gardening columnist has again raised very serious concerns regarding Ray Foxley’s report that showed hailstones in Motueka were contaminated with 2.5mg/l of aluminium, a matter he first addressed in the Tribune in the December 10th edition.

The weekly columnist, Wally Richards of Palmerston North, is a well-respected gardener who operates Garden Enterprises Ltd online.  In his latest article, which is below, he has highlighted the fact that the combination of fluoridated tap water and aluminium-contaminated rainwater will result in a highly toxic mix, not fit for human consumption.    Read his article by clicking on the image to enlarge it.  Please remember to show your support for Mr Richard’s stellar work by visiting his website.

Wally's article

The Tribune is delivered on Wednesday’s free to 44,552 all homes in Palmerston North and Ashhurst. Copies are also delivered to dairies and stores as far afield as Marton, Bulls, Sanson, Woodville, Pahiatua, Foxton (including Foxton Beach) and Shannon.

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5 Responses to The Tribune Raises Issue of Aluminium-Contaminated Hailstones & More, Plus Publishes Letter About Chemtrails

  1. kyraxavia says:

    Reblogged this on kyraxavia and commented:
    The issue of weather modification is finally getting some attention in mainstream media here in New Zealand.

  2. Una Wendt says:

    This is no good Kiwis – I thought that this chemtrail crap only happened in the U.S.
    Kiwis need to approach their MP’s/Andrew Little and demand that we set up watchdogs to defend NZ from this kind of trash invading our country.
    Seriously, they need to clear the hell out of NZ.

    • Words to politicians fall on deaf ears here. Well they have done thus far. Perhaps if we can keep waking the public up, if enough know, the politicians might have to put the issue on their radar too. Thanks for your comment Una.

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