Weather Modification Technology Reason Why Man-Made Lake Opuha In Canterbury Drying Up?

South Canterbury Sky Watch, 21 Jan, 2015

You may have heard about Lake Opuha, which is in the South Island’s Fairlie Basin? Lake Opuha is a man made lake built with the purpose of acting as a irrigation reservoir.  Unfortunately it is losing its lake status quite quickly, as its at a very low level. 

Of course, the mainstream media has reported on the drying up of this water body, but like so many other things we see happening, they don’t go into very much depth at all.

 I can see quite a link to this lake dropping and the aerosols being sprayed.  The lake relies on there being a lot of snow over the winter months. I saw plenty of flights leaving aerosol trails – the long white lines high above the mountain range.  

In another video I made, titled: “Skies Behaving Strangely,”  which was published on the 24th of November, 2014 I actually refer to the lakes dropping.  What I was filming was way up at the top of the Rangitata river. There were a few flights spraying aerosols, but because of the glare from the sunlight, it was virtually impossible to actually capture the planes on film.  They were there though and provide evidence to show that the drought in this region is man made. 

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