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CALL TO ACTION! Critical Geoengineering Film!‏

Fellow supporters and activists, I am writing to announce my commitment to producing a third and hopefully final film about chemtrails/geoengineering. Because geoengineers are moving quickly to establish global legislation to make geoengineering legal, time is of the essence to … Continue reading

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Wally Richards: Agricultural worker believes food production reduced owing to strange vapour trails

By Wally Richards My articles for many years have had a thread running through them; Namely, Gardening is Healthy. Gardening is getting close to nature, it has a calming effect, relieves stress and you are rewarded by your efforts. Gardening … Continue reading

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Chemtrails Exposed: A History of the New Manhattan Project

February 17, 2015, Peter A. Kirby, Activist Post “Discoveries and inventions are not terminals; they are fresh starting points from which we can climb to new knowledge.” – Dr. Willis R. Whitney, founder of General Electric Laboratories After so many … Continue reading

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Michael Murphy – His New Film and Defeating the Geoengineering Agenda

Sage of Quay Radio Tonight Michael Murphy returns to the show. As an independent reporter and community organizer, his work includes directing and co-producing the groundbreaking documentaries “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” and “WHAT in the World are … Continue reading

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Michael Murphy: “Chemtrails cause Abiotic Stress and Monsanto created a seed to combat it!”

The Richie Allen Show, 19 February, 2015 Michael Murphy is an author, producer and a filmmaker.  He was behind ‘What in the World are they spraying?’ and ‘Why in the World are they spraying?’ two excellent documentaries that have helped … Continue reading

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TV3’s “Historic Cloud News” Another Attempt to Brainwash The Public

At the end of the 6pm news bulletin on New Zealand’s TV3 on February the 18th, weather presenter Ingrid Hipkiss announced that news reader, Hillary Barry had “some historic cloud news.”  Barry then reported that “cloud gazers” believe they have … Continue reading

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Carnicom Institute Moves Forward in 2015

CI Moves to New Facility In the late fall of 2014 the Carnicom Institute lab was moved to a new facility across town, but still in Wallace, Idaho. The new space is considerably larger, making it possible for expanded research … Continue reading

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More Letters In ‘The Tribune’ Raising Awareness of The Chemtrail Issue

In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State.         – Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Soviet novelist. It is not only important, but essential for anti-chemtrails/anti-weather modification activists to find a variety of effective … Continue reading

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Wally Richards: General Gardening, Bumblebees & Insect Pests

By Wally Richards Recently I have bemoaned the weather conditions of the current gardening season and how unusual weather patterns with lack of strong direct sunlight as a result of hazy skies. One Dunedin reader emailed me to say “rubbish,” … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media: CIA accused of trying to control the world’s weather

The following article was also recently published in the Dominion Post and The Australian, among other mainstream publications, which have failed to formally acknowledge aerosol trails aka chemtrails as a real and genuine concern. The, 17 February, 2015 Not … Continue reading

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