TV3’s “Historic Cloud News” Another Attempt to Brainwash The Public

Hillary Barry reads the news regarding new kind of cloud identified on February 18th.

TV3 news presenter, Hillary Barry reads the news regarding a “new” kind of cloud.

At the end of the 6pm news bulletin on New Zealand’s TV3 on February the 18th, weather presenter Ingrid Hipkiss announced that news reader, Hillary Barry had “some historic cloud news.”  Barry then reported that “cloud gazers” believe they have found a new kind of cloud, which she said is a rare discovery and that if their find is confirmed, it will be the first such discovery in over half a century.  Unbeknownst to the unwitting public, it was propaganda care of CBS and a virtual re-run of a story from June, 2009.

TV3 then aired a video of Mark Phillips of CBS speaking to Gavin Pretor-Pinney, the founder of The Cloud Appreciation Society, “a global organization set up to fight ‘blue-sky’ thinking”, which keeps people in the dark about chemtrails/ weather modification technology.

Pretor-Pinney, who incidentally has not studied meteorology,  has been working with NASA to set up a CloudSpotter App.   NASA, as you may recall, produced the Introduction To Clouds, last updated in late-2011, which shows many photos of chem-clouds, but bestows them with names which make them appear natural to the unwitting eye.

Pretor-Pinney spoke about a “brand new cloud” photographed by Jane Wiggins in Iowa in 2006, which has been given the name undulatus asperatus, or agitated wave clouds.

Photo taken by Jane Wiggins in 2006 in Iowa

Photo taken by Jane Wiggins in 2006 in Iowa. From CBS website.

Watch the CBS story here:

Pretor-Pinney has a track record of normalizing evidence of the use of weather modification technology, the unnatural, bizarre and what appear to be chemically-laced cloud formations and has consequently been named on the Disinformation Directory on 

cloudspotters-guide-cover-300x300For instance, his ‘The Cloudspotter’s Guide’ (2006), the inaugural publication of ‘The Cloud Appreciation Society,’ displays images and captions which conceal what is unnatural and toxic – such as the widespread use of aerosols trails and other forms of weather modification technology.   It refers to aerosol trails as contrails, coloured-aerosol clouds as Nacreous or ‘mother-of-pearl’ clouds, and claims the halos we are seeing in association with masses of aerosol particulates are due to ice-crystals, (p.219).    See below:

From The Cloud Spotter's Guide. Page 272

Above & below: From ‘The Cloudspotter’s Guide’.


Pages 164-165 in The Cloud Spotter's Guide.

Pages 164-165 in The Cloudspotter’s Guide.

Page 166-167 The Cloud Spotter's Guide.

Page 166-167 in The Cloudspotter’s Guide.

Wrote weatherman Scotts Stevens of Weatherwars.Info in 2009 regarding undulatus asperatus formations:

 Are they natural?  That is a valid question.  They are natural in the sense that they do occur in the sky on a rather regular basis.  But, would they take form without the technologies that are presently in place to manipulate the atmosphere?  That’s also a good question, and if I am allowed to speculate, I would say no.  These clouds wouldn’t be photographed as frequently as they are without the stimulation of the planet’s Orgone energy field, artificial and space based introduction of gravity waves into the atmosphere and the additional host of other environmental manipulations that remain active to this very moment.

Is it time for a new cloud type? Probably so.  But that then opens up a whole new can of worms.  Clouds tweaked from above, clouds littered with chemtrail debris, clouds created by airfoils manufactured by these waves. 

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  1. FYI – @LexieMayHunter #Geoengineer David Keith questioned on aluminum toxicity Patrick Roddie & Max Bliss in San Francisco

  2. Thank you for exposing this further, and for mentioning the Disinformation Directory, who is working hard to make sure all these players are held accountable.

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