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Alex Jones: Why California is running out of water

Contributor, DJM, who lives in the South Island of New Zealand, emailed this Alex Jones clip yesterday in relation to the drought conditions in the Lake Opuha area in South Canterbury, where drought was officially declared in mid-Feb.   He referred … Continue reading

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Stop Climate Censorship

CFACT, Craig Rucker ( The debate over global warming has turned incredibly nasty in recent days. This is no coincidence. The most radical Left-Green pressure groups have launched a major offensive to silence scientists and experts who dare question their … Continue reading

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Dr Nick Begich On The Vinny Eastwood Show: Does Covert Technology Threaten Freedom & Planet Earth?

Vincent Eastwood,  Mar 22, 2015 Does Covert Technology Threaten Freedom And Planet Earth? Dr Nick Begich… Dr Nick Begich is considered one of the worlds experts on covert technology, surveillance and the HAARP machine. We explore some of the … Continue reading

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Numerous Aerosol Trails Over Whangarei on March 11

These photos provide a sample of the many aerosol trails seen spreading out in the sky on the morning of March 11th, 2015.   This kind of display of pollutants is not particularly unusual for this region this year.  I keep … Continue reading

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Written by Wally Richards. March is the first month of Autumn but according to my plants, autumn conditions started in early February which does not bode well to what the next few months will bring us. It is an interesting … Continue reading

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