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Your Chance To Ask The Government A Question About Aerosols?

A press release from the New Zealand Green Party today invites members of the public to get involved and ask a question regarding climate change that they can then ask the Government.   This is your opportunity to ask a question … Continue reading

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Time-Lapse Footage of Sky From Arapuni on Earth Day – April 22, 2015

ArapuniWizard, uploaded April 23, 2015. Arapuni is a rural town centre on the Waikato river in the South Waikato District of New Zealand. The video speed is 30X normal, meaning that about an hour was compressed into just over two … Continue reading

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Earth Day Chemtrails & Other Man-Made Cloud Formations, April 22, 2015

This video shows the sky on Earth Day from Whangarei to show how prevalent evidence of weather engineering technology is.   While the public is being told they are to blame for extremes in climate, such as droughts because of their … Continue reading

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Two GeoEngineering Activists Are Putting The Gov’t in a State of Panic! Eye-Opening Interview! You Won’t Believe The Evidence We Gathered Against Them!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 8:05, By Lisa Haven   By now you have witnessed streaks of white trailing across the sky, stretching from horizon to horizon, ultimately turning our once beautiful blue heavens into a murky haze. We can … Continue reading

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Ken Caldeira Suggests Public Will Accept Chemtrails As They Accept Kidnappings, Torture and Mass Surveillance

Ken Caldeira, former employee of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,  currently of the Carnegie Institute for Science at Stanford,  gave a presentation at the Solar Radiation Management conference in Cambridge, England, which was held between March 12-14, 2015.   Thankfully, part … Continue reading

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Drought Number One Emergency in California-Ellen Brown

By Greg Hunter’s Author and attorney Ellen Brown says the drought in California is dire.  NASA recently said that California has just one year of water left.  Brown says, “It was just declared our number one emergency. . . … Continue reading

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Large Protest Event in Bologna, Italy Against Chemtrails

Published on Apr 18, 2015 There was a significant anti-chemtrails protest in Bologna, Italy on April the 18th, 2015.  Well done to all those involved.  They certainly helped to raise awareness of this crime.

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Lost Arts Radio – Special Guests Alexandra May Hunter & Elana Freeland

In case you missed this show of March the 21st, 2015 with environmental law specialist and activist, Alexandra May Hunter and author, Elana Freeland on The Real Chemtrails/Geoengineering Story and Action Update, here it is.

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Michael J Murphy on The Nutrimedical Show Today

Dr Bill Deagle interviewed film maker and journalist, Michael J Murphy on the Nutrimedical show today.  They spoke about the global warming hoax and how the changes being created using weather modification technology are being attributed wrongly to carbon dioxide.  … Continue reading

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Michael J Murphy Interviewed By ‘Russia Today’ Today

Today film maker and journalist, Michael J Murphy was interviewed by Russia Today on the topics of chemtrails/ geoengineering.   He wrote on his Facebook page about 6 hours ago that he has a good feeling about the way it went, … Continue reading

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