What Happened To Betty Rowe’s Interview About Chemtrails with Mysterious NZ?

SONY DSC Above: From the home page of the Mysterious New Zealand website, which is closed indefinitely, but archived at the Wayback Machine.

What happened to the revealing interview the now deceased Betty Rowe had with Mysterious NZ  regarding chemtrails?

Unfortunately, the website on which  ‘Chemtrails Health Effects worrying to Arapawa’s Goat Lady, Betty Rowe,’  was published has been closed indefinitely and its authors say they will not be reposting the interview.

As some may recall, Rowe, who passed away on the 18th of May, 2008, told authors John and Melody Anderson in April, 2005, that she had been very healthy until she saw her first chemtrail.  Then, three days later she became very sick and everything in her body seemed to start breaking down.

The Andersons’ article provided plenty of useful evidence, including photos and Rowe’s  verbatim descriptions of how she and husband, Walt, their goats and plants on Arapawa Island, in the Marlborough Sounds, deteriorated following chemtrail spraying.

It also referred to Betty Rowe’s disappointment in the Green Party, who did not appear to want to know anything about the chemtrails issue.  Rowe sent them photos and information and did not get a reply, so she rang them and told the Andersons that the person who answered the phone said that others had sent letters about it, but they did nothing, which Rowe said she found strange for an environmental political party.

I asked John and Melody, who currently operate a photography and design-related website, if they would be willing to provide their article to another website to post.  Sadly, the answer was no.  When asked why not, Melody advised that she did not wish to discuss why they had decided not to re-publish it.

She did however supply a lab report for filaments/fibers Betty Rowe had commissioned, which had been published with: ‘Chemtrails Health Effects worrying to Arapawa’s Goat Lady, Betty Rowe.’  Betty had advised the Andersons that at times she found filaments everywhere on Arapawa Island and in places where you would not expect to find cobwebs.  Some of the fibers had been very long white strands.   The sample she sent to the lab was found on a fence in front of her house and collected on a clean cotton bud, then put in a clean syringe and sent to the lab like that. On the advice of Hadleigh Shaw of Wanganui, who was a fellow member of the Mysterious NZ Forum, and in correspondence with Betty at the time, she collected filament samples, which were tested for aluminium, barium and bromine.  (See report below).

While the very important and interesting interview with Betty Rowe is no longer locatable using search engines such as Google and Yahoo, it fortunately may still be accessed at the non-profit archiving website, the Wayback Machine, which captures and archives content that would otherwise be lost whenever a site is changed or closed down.

Betty Rowe’s contribution to raising awareness of the chemtrails issue is safe for now then and furthermore does not end with that article.   She’d been in correspondence with another goat lady – Betty Hooper of Hikurangi, Northland from 1983 until 2008.

Betty Hooper, friend of Betty Rowe.

Betty Hooper, a friend of Betty Rowe.

Betty Hooper, now 95-years old, believes she was the last person to see Rowe before she had a stroke that led to her passing.   Hooper says during the week she spent with her on Arapawa Island, Betty Rowe introduced her to chemtrails and Uncensored, a magazine which regularly publishes articles about chemtrails.

Since 2008 Betty Hooper has become conversant with the topic and has been out on the streets in Northland, where she sets up stalls to sell her silk scarfs, beads and paintings.   She brings up the topic of chemtrails with passersby and tourists and on occasion gives away DVDs, including Why In The World Are They Spraying?.   She intends to donate one of her three copies of Elana Freeland’s book ‘Chemtrails HAARP, and the “Full Spectrum Dominance” of Planet Earth‘ to her local library soon.

She offers: “It’s frightening what’s going on and I might not have known about it had it not been for Betty Rowe.”

Below: A lab report kindly provided by Melody Anderson showing Al and Ba content in fibers/filaments collected from a fence on Arapawa Island by Betty Rowe.  This report was originally posted on: http://www.mysteriousnewzealand.co.nz/chemtrails/chemtrailsbettyrowe.html transcript_analysisdoc

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2 Responses to What Happened To Betty Rowe’s Interview About Chemtrails with Mysterious NZ?

  1. Hadleigh Shaw says:

    Betty told me that all the animals were sick. She and her husband were sick and most everyone in the region always had a flu like illness. That often she would have the fibres sticking to her windows, she’d water blast it to remove them, hanging off fences and powerlines. I rang a member of her family a couple months ago. Spoke with her daughter in law. Tracked them down with several phone calls. They told me her property is empty and unused now. They didn’t really pay much attention to her chemtrail theory and the fibres that she pointed out. They still considered to be cobwebs. I told her about the lab analysis and left it at that.

    Hadleigh Shaw. April 2015

    • Thank-you for sharing your observations, Hadleigh. Betty Rowe wrote a book about her life on Arapawa Island which oddly did not mention the chemtrail poisoning they suffered – ‘Arapawa – Once upon an island.’ http://www.trademe.co.nz/books/nonfiction/new-zealand/auction-855036235.htm

      Secondfield, who refers to Betty’s article at MysteriousNZ, wrote under the heading: World Grid,Bruce Cathie, Chemtrails, UFO’s, secret bases New Zealand:

      Arapawa Island situated in the Marlborough sounds at the tip of the south island, New Zealand has long been considered a place of mystery. Along with the general Marlborough area, including Blenheim which has an exceptionally high percentage of NZ’s UFO sightings. Arapawa Island lies directly on Harmonic 41188837. Betty Rowe, has lived on the island with her family since emigrating here from the US in 1972. She has written a book about life on the island (Arapwa – once upon anisland). Tragically from 2000 the area has fallen victim to disease (plant and animal) directly resulting from Betty’s first sighting of persistent contrails [chemtrails] being observed in the area. This has been documented andreported in the excellent website ‘Mysterious NewZealand’. I urge anyone who is not already familiar withit to read it. Arapawa (Arapaoa being the traditional name meaning path, Ara – Paoa, mist) has long been associated with strange bobbing lights, disembodied voices and appearing and disappearing islands. The following is a recollectionof a friend of the Rove’s who had witnessed first hand the mysterious disappearing Island….More: http://www.scribd.com/doc/2190350/World-Grid-Bruce-Cathie-Chemtrails-UFO-s-secret-bases-New-Zealand#scribd

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