Ken Caldeira Suggests Public Will Accept Chemtrails As They Accept Kidnappings, Torture and Mass Surveillance

Ken Caldeira, former employee of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,  currently of the Carnegie Institute for Science at Stanford,  gave a presentation at the Solar Radiation Management conference in Cambridge, England, which was held between March 12-14, 2015.   Thankfully, part of this talk was recorded and he can be heard telling attendees that huge political pressure can be applied to deploy aerosols using the threat of man-made global warming and that the public will put up with it because they have put up with kidnappings, torture and mass surveillance.

Below is the 1.39 minute video recording of this, filmed by activist, Max Bliss. Thank-you, Max.

Caldeira states: “There is no other way to cool the earth than these solar geoengineering things then I think gives at least the possibility that there could be intense political pressure to deploy these things.”

Then:  “Let me say something about social acceptability.  I heard someone talking about different particles that could be put in the sky to try to reflect sunlight and somebody said that one of the forms might be some kind of carbon in the form of a diamond… Little micron tiny things.  People think people will never put up with this.   But you know if…the American population put up with kidnapping and torture…you know, the surveillance of all our telecommunication and our movement and when it was announced post-facto, most Americans were fine with it.  And I think if a political leader announced: ‘Oh, we started we are putting diamonds in the sky to protect you.’ You know I think if they put up with kidnapping and torture, they will likely put up with diamonds in the sky…So I think this idea that people are not going to accept these things is overly optimistic.”


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