Time-Lapse Footage of Sky From Arapuni on Earth Day – April 22, 2015

ArapuniWizard, uploaded April 23, 2015.

Arapuni is a rural town centre on the Waikato river in the South Waikato District of New Zealand.

The video speed is 30X normal, meaning that about an hour was compressed into just over two minutes.  There is a short real-time piece at the start, to set the scene.

The day started with a veiled sunrise and then a blanket of quilted grey-white cloud covering most of the sky.
It was a more or less featureless cover, looking vaguely like a quilt of diamond shapes with their sides at roughly 30° to horizontal.
Around noon or so, the cloud cover split to the Northeast, not quite vertically.
The cloud on the North side of this split featured many fine horizontal lines similar to a venetian blind.
The cloud on this side seemed to roll back on itself, coming from the left in the foreground and doing a U-turn to disappear behind itself.
Meanwhile, in the gap which was widening into a huge “V” shape, lots of various formations were occurring. Some were rows of similar shapes forming out of the available aerosol particles.
There were some fine curved ripples and some rows of broken lines in the background.
The bank of cloud coming from the right (southeast) in the video started turning back on itself as the left-hand mass also had.
Towards the end of this video, a large cloud of aerosols rises from the lower right, forming a grey plane of narrow lines in a “fingerprint-like” pattern.


About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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6 Responses to Time-Lapse Footage of Sky From Arapuni on Earth Day – April 22, 2015

  1. Marian Sutherland says:

    This is an excellent and fascinating insight into the unusual and unnatural behaviour of our weather, as it is manipulated or engineered through the use of ongoing atmospheric aerosol spraying operations and electromagnetic operations. There was a distinct straight edge to a bank of aerosol material at one point in the video, which should make any common sense onlooker question what was going on, as it is so abnormal.Thanks Arapuni Wizard!

    • Yes, I noticed the straight edge also Marian. Anyone with an open mind should at least question what it demonstrates.

    • James of Arapuni says:

      You are welcome Marian! Those straight edges are not uncommon around here. I’m sure there’s the meeting of two or more fields around here which causes these odd phenomena. One of my videos shows a > type shape in the clouds, and I often see the splitting of the canopy and the formation of left and right banks of clouds or aerosol masses. Thanks for watching and hope it helps enlighten the people, so they take some action against the cruel regime gaining a foothold internationally.

  2. Ian Mitchell says:

    Quite a bit of aerosol spraying over the Waikato in the past few Days. Notice a lot of cloud distortion going on, when Australia was having their extreme weather event.

  3. Marian Sutherland says:

    Your detailed descriptions are very thought-provoking and helpful James…we learn from sharing our observations.

    • James of Arapuni says:

      That’s the whole idea. We need to observe how they do this geo-engineering. We know the ingredients of chemicals they spray and various electromagnetic effects to mix, disperse and move them around. In my timelapse videos I have seen things not apparent in real time observation. These include nucleation, water vapour appearing or disappearing, geometric features forming and changing, sun obscuration by certain types of particles, clouds rotating or folding back on themselves as in this video, some stationary clouds in the same place for hours while other clouds pass them, clouds moving in four or more directions in different layers, many things which may be clues to understanding the weather modification process. Please watch all my geo videos and share them so others can analyse what is going on.

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