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Sage of Quay Interviews Michael Murphy – His New Film: An UNconventional Shade of Grey – A Call To Acion

Tonight Michael Murphy returns to the show. In tonight’s discussion Michael will talk to us about his new film ‘An UNconventional Shade of Grey’ which he promises will take a very deep dive into the Geoengineering agenda which includes dispersal … Continue reading

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Help Send Michael Murphy To The Parisian Climate Meeting

From: Subject: Help Send Michael Murphy to France Climate Meeting Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 11:05:38 -0400 Dear Fellow Activists, “Our Common Future Under Climate Change, International Scientific Conference”, in Paris, France July 7-10, 2015 is the climate … Continue reading

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Weather Manipulation Is A Globalist Time Bomb – The Alex Jones Show – 05/18/2015

Published on May 18, 2015 On the Monday, May 18 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert calls for changes to the upcoming Jade Helm military exercise, and says it’s “suspicious” that red states like Utah and … Continue reading

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NZ Mainstream Media Delivered Article – ‘TPP: Is it the Death of Democracy and the Birth of ‘Corporatocracy’?’

Independent journalist, Peter Drew sent a letter and an article about the TPPA to the New Zealand media outlets listed on May the 18th, 2015. The popular website  has published it. Well done to Peter for this outstanding effort … Continue reading

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The con in consensus: Climate change consensus among the misinformed is not worth much

Ross McKitrick, Financial Post | May 11, 2015 Not only is there no 97 per cent consensus among climate scientists; many misunderstand core issues In the lead-up to the Paris climate summit, massive activist pressure is on all governments, especially … Continue reading

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Important: NZ Climate Realists You MUST Make A Submission To Government

This message came via email dated 14 May, 2015 from Neil and Esther Henderson. Dear Climate Realists, It has been about 18 months since we have circulated a newsletter to you all. There are various reasons for this but I … Continue reading

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Ken Calderia Questioned On His Statements Regarding Chemical & Germ Warfare

By Patrick Roddie on, 10 May, 2015. I’m worried about Ken Calderia. Perhaps he huffs nano-particulate aluminum because he keeps forgetting that when he worked at a Government weapons lab, [the Lawrence Livermore Lab], he discussed “adding pathogens to … Continue reading

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Open Letter To All Geoengineering Activists And Advocates For Chemtrail-Free Skies

Not new, but posted by Michael Murphy on his Facebook page today: Chemtrails photographed over Dry Lake, California Open Letter To All Geoengineering Activists And Advocates For Chemtrail-free Skies.By Michael J Murphy, April 13 2015. Dear Fellow Activist, It is … Continue reading

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Climate Depot’s Mission to Rome – Persuading the The Vatican on ‘Climate Change’

By: Marc Morano – Climate DepotMay 1, 2015 When the Vatican made the announcement that it would be hosting a climate summit on very short notice, Climate Depot sprang into action. As a Catholic and a climate skeptic, I was … Continue reading

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Union Of 30,000 Doctors In Latin America Wants Monsanto Banned

TrueActivist, May 1, 2015, By John Vibes It was announced this week that over 30,000 doctors and health experts throughout Latin America are demanding that Monsanto’s products be banned. One of the primary cases that these doctors are bringing against … Continue reading

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