Important: NZ Climate Realists You MUST Make A Submission To Government

This message came via email dated 14 May, 2015 from Neil and Esther Henderson.

Political Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

Political Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

Dear Climate Realists,

It has been about 18 months since we have circulated a newsletter to you all. There are various reasons for this but I won’t go into them here.

We are still alive and well and  need to draw the following press release to your attention:

Hon Tim Groser

Minister for Climate Change Issues 

7 May 2015

       Media Statement       Climate change consultation opens

 Climate Change Issues Minister Tim Groser today called for public submissions on New Zealand‘s post 2020 climate change target.

 In December countries will meet in Paris to establish a new climate change agreement. Ahead of the Paris conference, countries are expected to announce the action they will take to curb climate change.  All countries have been asked to put forward a national target to reduce harmful emissions after 2020.

 “New Zealand wants to set a target which is environmentally credible and reflects our particular circumstances.  But we also need to consider the possible impacts and costs to our economy,” says Mr Groser.

 “Increasing our commitment after 2020 will be a big challenge, as nearly half of New Zealand’s emissions come from agriculture and 80 per cent of our electricity already comes from renewable sources. The easy gains have already been made.  But we are expected to make a fair contribution to combating this global problem.”

“To understand what’s important to New Zealanders as we consider our national contribution, the Government has today issued a public discussion document. It poses questions for people to consider as they think about making their submission.”

The discussion document, and a range of other information, can be found on the Ministry for the Environment’s website at

Submissions close at 5.00pm on Wednesday 3rd June. 

Public meetings and hui will be held across the country, Mr Groser said.

Media contact: Jonathan Franklin 027 357 6885

 The consultations listed are already underway- Gisborne’s was last night, and the last scheduled one will be on the 21st May.

At the Gisborne meeting there were about 24 people, with Neil being the only one present who is not a ‘climate change believer’.

A couple of Green party members thought we should go for an aggressive target of 40% below 1990 levels. When Neil asked them how they thought they might cut their own emissions by that much their response was that we needed to set the target first and work out those finer details afterwards.

Neil heard at the meeting that several thousand submissions had already been received, many as a form letter. Neil did not ask but he presumes these were from well organised green organisations, therefore it would be good to balance this with a lot of submissions from the Climate Realist perspective.

With no significant warming so far this century Neil is suggesting in his submission to them that NZ’s commitment be conditional on warming this century rising to a rate of at least one degree per century which is the lowest projection of the IPCC.

Their consultation document makes it look as though the range of suggested targets won’t cost families much. This tends to make people think they can therefore support aggressive targets. However, Lord Monckton demonstrated that to stop 0.17 degrees of warming worldwide in the next decade it will take 80% of global GDP. These calculations were drawn from the published costings of the original  Australian Carbon Tax.

We would encourage everyone to go to the website:

and make a submission.

There is a link to enable online submissions to be made under the second section:

”How to have your say”.

All the best and thanks for your participation,

Neil and Esther

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