Does The 1985 Vatican City 100 Lire Show A Plane Spraying An Aerosol Trail Over The World?

100 Lire Vatican City Coin

100 Lire Vatican City Coin

This thirty-year old coin appears to show an image of a plane emitting an aerosol over the world on one side and John Paul II on the other.

800,000 of these 100 lire Vatican City coins were put into circulation in 1985.   The lira, (plural lire), was the currency of the Vatican City between 1929 and 2002, at which time this stainless steel coin went out of circulation.

At a glance it seems to symbolize a form of world domination via weather modification.   Is it a coincidence that thirteen years later, the new pope, Pope Francis is talking about “climate change” and the need to take action? Maybe not.

100 Lire Coin Now Out of Circulation

100 Lire Stainless Steel Coin Out of Circulation, But on E-bay

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