Putin Exposes Climate Change Agenda

More: http://www.infowars.com/paris-attack-expected-to-make-climate-deal-more-likely/

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One Response to Putin Exposes Climate Change Agenda

  1. djmskinart says:

    Another refresher video which was done back in 2014 by Alex Jones on “Infowars”.
    The title should draw attention……”Government Weather Manipulation Exposed”.
    Even though Alex is talking about USA, all around the globe, there are other governments involved, weather modification is on the rise and of course, health problems are rising as well as agricultural problems. ANYONE who thinks the weather is natural really needs to get there head out of the sand, Eyes To The Sky and see for themselves that the sky is far from natural.
    While Mainstream media continue to keep you in the dark, you are being affected, not only you but every living breathing species is being affected.
    Here you will find the video and of course link after link.
    Also just out this week on You Tube is a video with John Coleman, a bloke with many years experience, also the founder of “The Weather Channel”.

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