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Numerous Aerosol Trails West of Northland In Satellite Imagery For 28 December, 2015

Below, satellite imagery from Rapidfire showing an area over the Tasman sea to the west of Northland, New Zealand.  It reveals numerous aerosol trails were emitted into atmosphere on the 28th of December, 2015, and provides more evidence to show … Continue reading

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Study: 58 million dry California trees threatened by drought

San Francisco Chronicle By Kurtis Alexander, 29 Dec 2015 Beneath the canopy of snow that recently blanketed California’s mountainsides are vast swaths of forest struggling to survive the drought. A study released Monday by the Carnegie Institution for Science counts … Continue reading

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Marlborough, NZ drought threatens grape harvest

RadioNZ, 29 Dec 2015.  Extremely dry weather in Marlborough is already taking its toll on vineyards in the region, a winemaker says. Water restrictions are likely for residents in Marlborough as the region prepares for what could be one of … Continue reading

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Elana Freeland and Billy Hayes on the Bob Charles Show

Elana Freeland and Billy Hayes on Chem Trails Bob Charles Show 12-21-2015 by Pyramid One Network Radio on Mixcloud

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Timaru Rainwater Sample Tests Positive For Barium, Aluminium & Strontium

Concerned citizens are voicing their concerns about the aluminium, barium and strontium contaminating their environment in association with the issue commonly referred to as chemtrails/ geoengineering.   “Chemtrails,” which are more correctly referred to as “aerosol trails,” have been erroneously portrayed … Continue reading

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Flashback: Australian Politician, Ann Bressington Exposes Global Warming As A Hoax, Agenda 21 & New World Order

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Public Help Needed As California USA Government Climate Offices Are Put On Notice About Geoengineering “Fellow Activists, This is a very important and time sensitive call to action related to geoengineering. As you know, countries around the world are expected to sign the Paris Climate Agreement this December. This agreement, if passed, will allow … Continue reading

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Stunning Satellite Images Show Massive Aerosol Dumps Over Florida

Harold Saive, Published on 3 Dec 2015 Analysis of chemtrail aerosol dumps over Florida suggests a fleet of tanker aircraft More:

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Air NZ Plane Emits Stop-Start Aerosol Trail Over Whangarei Today

An Air NZ Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Registration ZK-NZF, flew over Whangarei at around 8.17am today,  and emitted a stop-start aerosol trail, shown below.   The plane was still audible when these photos were taken, heading south, towards Auckland International Airport. … Continue reading

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Aerosols Cover Whangarei Sky on 13 December, 2015

The following photos were taken from Whangarei, Northland after 1pm.

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