Timaru Rainwater Sample Tests Positive For Barium, Aluminium & Strontium

An aerosol trail pollutes the sky over Greymouth on December the 4th, 2015. Photo: Terena

Another aerosol trail pollutes the sky over Greymouth, New Zealand on December the 4th, 2015.  Photo: Terrena C.

Concerned citizens are voicing their concerns about the aluminium, barium and strontium contaminating their environment in association with the issue commonly referred to as chemtrails/ geoengineering.   “Chemtrails,” which are more correctly referred to as “aerosol trails,” have been erroneously portrayed by the mainstream media as vapour trails,  while evidence reveals that the lingering plumes emitted from aircraft are part of world wide programs and normally comprised of cocktails of aerosolized heavy metals, amongst other environmental contaminants.    These contaminants are being found globally.


Mass aerosol spraying. Waikato region, November 23, 2014.  Photo: Leonie P.

Massive aerosol operations, which evidence shows are primarily being used to modify the weather and create extremes, which are then used to win sympathy for climate change agendas, are continuing around the world and appear to being stepped up, including in New Zealand.

Rainwater testing conducted in this country since 2010 has repeatedly confirmed the presence of elements associated with chemtrails and these latest results further reinforce our contention that our environment is being poisoned via an insidious and cumulative process, not acknowledged by the IPCC at the climate change conference in Paris, even though it is known to influence weather.

Thank-you to anti-chemtrails/geoengineering activist, Darrell McGrath of Timaru, who makes YouTube videos under the name of South Canterbury Sky Watch, for sending us this laboratory report and for his ongoing commitment to exposing this crime.

The rain sample was collected in his backyard on September the 23rd and 24th, 2015 and delivered to R J Hills Laboratories in Christchurch on the 20th of October, 2015. This lab is trusted and accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand.   hills lab test oct 1HILLS LAB TEST 0CT 2015.pdf2


Total Aluminium       g/m3  0.099
Total Barium              g/m3   0.183
Total Strontium         g/m3  0.0162

To see more rainwater test results from around New Zealand, please go here: https://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com/?s=rainwater+test

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4 Responses to Timaru Rainwater Sample Tests Positive For Barium, Aluminium & Strontium

  1. Jim Reece says:

    Wake up people! Aluminum and Barium Should Not Be Found in Rainwater Lab Tests

    Don’t believe it if you see trolls writing that this kind of finding is “OK”. People should know that heavy metals should not be in the rainwater, period – that comes from Frances Mangels, a soil biologist who has been investigating the cumulative effect of geoengineering on the plant and animal life in Mt Shasta, California.

    What is in the rain, is in the air. Inhaling aluminium oxide damages the brain. It causes memory loss and so forth. Listen to the talk I posted recently from Dr Russell Blaylock talking about the effect of breathing in chemtrail particulates. They are spraying nanotech -free-form aluminium, not the kind of aluminium that is found in the soil. The poison they are putting into the environment is very harmful.

    Evidence indicates that aluminium, barium and strontium are used with weather modification programs to induce drought/floods etc. Watch: Why In The World Are They Spraying? free online.

    Kristen Meghan, a whistleblower who worked for the US Air Force as an Environmental Specialist, has gone public about the aluminium oxide, strontium and barium that arrived at a base she worked at from a contractor that was not listed. Listen to what she says: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAxXyMAmBMs

  2. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

    Here are last year’s rain results. See a change in the levels of heavy metals:

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  4. matt langston says:

    Thank you very much Darryl for highlighting this major concern to us south cantabrians we are in your debt.

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