Nigel Gray: Weather Modification Technology IS Used In New Zealand

 January the 1st, 2016,  By Nigel Gray
As a Painting Trade Contractor I have spent several years checking the weather reports, almost daily, on a need-to-know basis.   A front of rain coming over can lead to financial losses, a damaged job and angry clients if I am unable to predict the weather correctly.
Consequently, I have taken more than a casual interest in observing what is predicted by MetService and what occurs tui ad 1subsequently,  or not, as the case may be.
If I’d had more time and interest in proving this absolutely and conclusively, I would have documented everything I have witnessed over the last several years.   I didn’t do this however, so I will likely be the target of so-called “experts” who are presumed to have more “knowledge” than I, accusing me of being a “nutter” or “a conspiracy theorist,” because they are qualified to “know better.”     Ha!
It is interesting that they feel so compelled to throw insults at someone who simply suggests that there is evidence which shows that reality might differ to that portrayed by the “powers-that-be”.    I will leave you to decide which camp you are in.
So, what have I witnessed?  OK, well to explain that, allow me to relate what happened on January the 1st, 2016, as a rain front moved over the North Island –  one that was visible on the MetService’s Rain Radar page,  that I saw evidence of being created or ‘pulled in’ over two days.

I will leave you to do research into how the weather can be manipulated using Nexrad, GWEN towers and HAARP transmitters,  all of these terms can be found on the internet along with vast amounts of information on each one.    I am going to keep this about my observations of what you need to know and this is based upon my experience.   Science is, after all, facts gathered by observation and experience.

Throughout New Zealand there are antennae placed in various locations.   Whether they are owned by the culprits involved in manipulating the weather or simply used as platforms to bounce off,  I do not know, but they are being used systematically to superheat the upper atmosphere, causing air to rise and pull cold air into that space by creating a vacuum below.
So essentially what happens is that there are high-powered microwave pulses emitted from these antennae in a specific direction.  This happens at about 7:25am usually, daily and at other times during the day, at a frequency which may be dependent on how important it is for the “powers-that be” to create bad weather in a particular area.
I have often observed these pulses occurring in twos, emitted from two antennae that are in proximity to each other with the pulses being emitted in the same direction.  First one antenna pulses, then approximately one second later, the second antenna pulses in parallel.
For example, if perpetrators of weather modification aim to pull a cold front down from the north, then the pulses would be directed in a southwesterly direction.   I observed this occurring yesterday, and hence today, January the 1st, 2016, there is a band of rain coming down from the north upon New Zealand.  
Similarly, if  the aim is to bring in some cold front that is hanging over the Tasman, then they choose a different set of antennae, one usually located around the  Gisborne/Napier area, and send pulses in an easterly direction.
Below is an example of two pulses in parallel evident in an image from the MetService website for the 2nd of November, 2015.  
2Nov2015B.jpegIn this second image there are two pulses in parallel evident, one of which is over the South Island and the other to the west of the South Island.  

Image from Met Service website showing New Zealand rain radar.

pulseAbove: This third image, dated 2014, shows one pulse but, as you will notice, behind the pulse is a band of rain following exactly in the direction of the pulse.

 So, coincidence? No. I could show you numerous images, all taken directly from the MetService’s Rain Radar pages that show much the same thing.  

A couple of years ago I contacted MetService via their page and asked them to explain these anomalies, (the pulses).  Not only did they have no explanation for the pulses, but tellingly, they ridiculed me for my observations.

This is not surprising given that MetService is a State-owned enterprise,  and as a State-owned enterprise,  it has two shareholding ministers – the Minister for State Owned Enterprises and the Minister of Finances.    Could it be that they have sworn a confidentiality agreement, so are unable to disclose that weather modification is taking place?   Or are they just ignorant and uncaring?   It must be one or the other.   Of course, they would be critical of anyone who questioned their veracity.
There are other anomalies evident in Rain Radar images, also.   Invariably when rain does show up there are “blank spots,” usually in the shape of a circle, rectangle or triangle, where the rain does not appear to penetrate, at least according to the radar results.   Could these be explained by the use of EMF waves that are emitted either as sine waves, sawtooth waves or other? Could these be areas that are already “hot” and therefore unable to be penetrated by the rain?   I can’t answer these questions, sorry.    What I do know is that these results have been invariable over the last ten years when I started taking notes on it. 
What I do know is that, invariably, prior to major rain fronts, these pulses occur in the direction that the front will follow. That these pulses emanate from antennae located in places such as Gisborne, Taranaki, Taupo, Napier, Blenheim and Auckland.
jfk-weather-controlaIt seems feasible that the New Zealand Government may be hiring a private company or companies to modify the weather to protect farm production, however there is always the possibility that the reasons are more nefarious, particularly given the regularity of severe droughts in New Zealand since early-2010.
  If they have this technology available to them,  one has to wonder why it has not been used to break dry spells before they cause significant economic damage, such as that caused by the North Island drought in 2013,  described as the worst in history?  Again, we can only guess.   It is clear that if the Government is “in” on this, then they are not informing us, and if they are not aware of it, then it leaves me wondering if our Government is sadly lacking any credible security when it comes to protecting our country from the threat of this sort of technology.
Nigel Gray is a New Zealand-born and bred international lecturer on the Human Mind and Detoxification Technology, and a Painting Contractor.  He has lived in the United States and Russia, where he instituted a detoxification program that now spans the entire CIS, (Commonwealth of Independent States).

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Committed to awakening those still asleep. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. WebofEvidence on YouTube: Clare on Bitchute:
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17 Responses to Nigel Gray: Weather Modification Technology IS Used In New Zealand

  1. Peter Woodhall says:

    Very interesting. I absolutely believe the powers that be are playing around, controlling our weather. There have been EMF cloud formations (ripple type cloud) over my area of Christchurch, mainly coming across from the North West since late 2010, the start of the Earthquakes, when I started to take many photos of them. This is not a normal summer, like those before it.

  2. Marian Sutherland says:

    Thank you Nigel for your thoughtful and timely article, and your awareness of how the radar image anomalies are indeed connected with deliberate weather manipulation.

    The evidence of this has been blatantly obvious to sky-watchers for the past decade, many examples of which Clare Swinney has diligently documented at this website. However all attempts by concerned citizens to get honest answers from the government and associated authorities,( or the mainstream media ) regarding this nefarious activity, have been in vain.

    All those individuals who must have signed on the dotted line and sworn silence regarding the subject of atmospheric aerosol spraying programs, ongoing weather manipulation and control associated with the ionizable metallic salts saturating the atmosphere, will be acutely aware that their livelihoods and position in society would be swiftly removed if they break those agreements.

    I look forward to seeing courageous whistle-blowers who’s consciences no longer allow them to continue lying, come forward to uncover the truth, for the sake of humanity, our environment, and all living things.

    • Nigel says:

      We regularly see chemtrails here in Hawkes Bay, and I have even videoed a plane doing the chemtrail “run”! Apparently, the jets must be long distance fliers that originate not from any NZ airport, which is very interesting in itself. I am planning to get a Youtube weekly update running specifically for NZ, much like “Dutchsinse” or others have done.

  3. kat wildermoth says:

    great stuff

  4. Lynda Sampson says:

    I live lower Northland and started to document what I see in the sky and what weather we are having as it was blatantly obvious something strange was happening on the 29/12/15 the sky was full of what others have called chemtrails – definitely not contrails, the 30/12/15 the clear blue sky and beautiful sunny day had turned milky looking and a haze around the sun. The weatherman gives a severe weather warning for the north. I’m now convinced someone somewhere is manipulating the weather and as you have said not for the good of the people. Thank-you for the information, though I’m not too sure what we can do about it

  5. djmskinart says:

    Great article there, Nigel.
    Nigel, you might be interested in a video I made some time ago, “When The Sky Is Fooling”, especially up around the 20 minute mark.

    I will put up another couple of videos I made last year. Remember these are only my observations, but from what I’m seeing and a few others who have their eyes skyward, they too are seeing that someone is pulling the strings, so to speak.

  6. djmskinart says:

    Nigel, this video here, once again up around the 20 minute mark, you will see the Doppler radar. This is based at Rakaia, more or less out of view of most but not far from the main highway.

    Next video will show the West Coast radar. Extremely hard to find on Google Earth so I had to drive over to the West Coast to find it.

  7. djmskinart says:

    My West Coast trip, to find the “Golf Ball” on the hill is here… at around the 5.58 minute mark you will see it.

    • Nigel says:

      Thanks….all 3 videos were interesting. Some good points there too. I grew up in Chch so I enjoyed the Arthurs Pass trip as much as you must have making the video! I spent a lot of time tramping and camping around there.
      Your points about the effects on the body were something I hadn’t thought about too much lately… is a whole subject in itself! I should know…I am trained in detoxification technology and planning to travel to Auckland some time this year to have another complete detox….approx 3 weeks long of sauna, vits, exercise and other supplements…I look forward to it! It also handles accumulated radiation ie. sunburn, xrays etc.
      The assault on our bodies and lives by these weather controllers is just that, an assault. No wonder they mock anyone so freely who would dare question it. To say nothing of the sheep (or are they parrots?) who repeat their mocking in unison.
      I have quite a few international contacts interested in what is happening down here and have already shared your videos with one of them.

  8. Karina says:

    Excellent article Nigel. I live just north of Christchurch and have been photographing chemtrails and the planes that dump them since September 2010. I regularly follow flights on flight tracker and it is with regular observation that both Air NZ and Jetstar planes spray on a regular basis. The most common flight path is the Dunedin to Auckland flight path that I have become most familiar with. Whenever I see planes spray I jump on flight tracker and have been lucky enough to see which plane is flying at the time. Usually the planes info is missing from the data, but clearly shows which airline is dumping these toxic chemicals over our heads! Great work here Nigel. Well done!

  9. Karina says:

    Excellent article Nigel. I live just north of Christchurch and have been photographing chemtrails and the planes that dump them since September 2010. I regularly follow flights on flight tracker and it is with regular observation that both Air NZ and Jetstar planes spray on a regular basis. The most common flight path is the Dunedin to Auckland flight path (and Auckland to Dunedin) that I have become most familiar with. Whenever I see planes spray I jump on flight tracker and have been lucky enough to see which plane is flying at the time. Usually the planes info is missing from the data, but clearly shows which airline is dumping these toxic chemicals over our heads! Great work here Nigel. Well done!

  10. Sarah says:

    Hi I just wanted to let you know that we tried to join your facebook group this evening,Weather modification NZ, a few minutes after pressing join we were blocked, definitely blocked, we’re guessing by facebook? We are deleting facebook now after that but we wanted to say that we are living in Timaru and we are sprayed heavily every single day. The odd day that they don’t do it we notice because they are rare!! It blocks the sun and it burns sometimes in the back of my throat, We don’t know why but they have been hammering us the last month especially. It’s a relief to know others are aware because it seems to us that most are asleep and that’s the way they would like to keep it.

    • The Timaru Courier is doing a story about aerosol trails, which I understand will be published this week. Perhaps you could write a letter in to the paper about them once the newspaper hits the streets? Phone: +64 3 687 9228, Email:

      Keep trying with Facebook. It is well worth it. You will find lots of like-minded people in a variety of groups. Try Chemtrails over NZ.

      • Timaru Courier not publishing the story this week, unfortunately. Story pulled by editor. Maybe published in the near future though.

      • Dejane says:

        Don’t expect the press or any western media to open their arms with joy and receive this kind of reporting.
        They’ve been bought out ages ago. All we hear now from them (media) are pathetic go nowhere tame mundane stories of how much better off we all are, when in reality we’re getting fleeced. Good luck with any serious stories they’ll be binned. They’re PUPPETS.

  11. Spider says:

    You can’t trust Big Meteorology. People like Jim Hickey have an agenda I tells ya.

    Best get all of your weather information from a person who is contracted to paint houses, or ask an actual painter.

  12. Dave Alletson says:

    Hi Nigel, thank’s for the information, the chem trails have been prolific in the far north for a few months now with the resulting patchy weather.Notably trails are always deposited by the inbound flights, presumably commercial jets.

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