Chemtrails Used In Combination with Pulses in NZ

This first satellite image is derived from the Metservice site for January the 6th, 2016 from the Visible rain radar and shows a particularly large aerosol trail traversing the Tasman sea, west-to-east, going over the top of the South Island.    Now look at the next images.  Wayne Kelly

Below are screen shots from MetService‘s rain radar page, for January the 6th, 2016, between 11pm-12pm approximately. Thank-you to Tracey W. for uploading and sharing these.  It appears that the large aerosol trail may be strategically placed for weather modification purposes in combination with the pulses of electromagnetic radiation?  What do you think?

Tracytracy 4

tracy 3

Below is a satellite image for January the 5th from Rapidfire, Terra. Note the position of the large aerosol trail over the Tasman sea.

5th Jan  rapidfire terra 1km

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3 Responses to Chemtrails Used In Combination with Pulses in NZ

  1. Gavin says:

    Great work whoever is doing it. It gives us a small pre-emptive warning of where the severe weather is going to hit us.

  2. Nigel says:

    Interestingly, I found that another man, named Harry Rhodes, in UK, has been working with exposing these pulses over there. He observed the same phenomena that I noticed, completely independent of my observations.

  3. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

    With so many around the world trying to find answers, trying to get to the truth about chemtrails this bloke has really put his neck out and put so much information together, one just doesn’t know where to start to look, but if you tune into him, take a listen and check out his work.
    I am talking about Jim Lee.
    Here is his latest rant to the chemtrail community, the community should be every person on this planet, as it is affecting every one of us but still, so many close a blind eye to what goes on.
    With so much info, so many looking but conflicting stories then trolls and shills, its hard to find someone we can trust on this topic, so as always, keep an open mind and take a listen to what Jim has to say.
    Here is the video link:

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