Masses of Aerosol Trails Seen From Wanganui & Ohakune on Jan 17, 2016

The first three photos were taken on January the 17th, 2016, by S.T. from Wanganui, which is on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

Helen Gordon took these following photos from Ohakune on January the 17th also.

Ohakune is near the center of the North Island.  Thank-you to S.T. and Helen for sharing these photos.

Ohakune 2Ohakune 3Ohakune 1

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Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please do your own research.
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4 Responses to Masses of Aerosol Trails Seen From Wanganui & Ohakune on Jan 17, 2016

  1. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

    …….and in the mean time, while the North Island has good temperature and sun, we down here on the South Island are seeing nothing but rain. Cant really call it rain but heavy drizzle.
    Be very interesting to see when farmers come to harvest their crops, how much will be there.
    Most are commenting on WHAT HAPPENED TO SUMMER, its just about a word missing from the vocabulary of us in the South Island 🙂
    Now speaking of chemtrails, this is a must listen. With so many out there, looking for answers, then bickering between some who are trying to show answers or find answers with TRUTH, this bloke has done one hell of a job, over a very long period of time, trying to show what is going on, with chemtrailing, geoengineering or what ever other word that comes to mind.
    We all know, those who are awake that is, that the skies we see today, are NOT natural.
    Take the time to listen to Jim Lee……. he might hold a few answers.

  2. Kel says:

    Planet x is heading this way. Happens every 3600yrs. History and many religions write in scriptures if this. Weather they describe it as a wormwood or neibru or planet x it appears the polar shift happens. Iceages or mass exstinctions? Either way many beliefs discribe the same thing. And its not all positive! Yes the planet cleans itself and releases mass tension in the plates. But any living thing is Potentially exterminated. Only small numbers survive.

  3. Dave says:

    I have hundreds of photos similar to this taken in the last two years from Manunui, near Taumarunui. This is also in the Ruapehu district where Ohakune is. Mostly I only see the edge of it from my place, because it’s mostly to the west & south of us. This is very regular over this area from Ohakune to Ohura & south-west to Wanganui & Taranaki! In fact I have photographs of chemtrails & other unusual ‘natural’ phenomenon taken in this area dating back to 1996!!! It is a regular, sometimes daily, occurrence over this area & to the South. The reason is now clear to me… most of the area is a vast forest… mostly native… that used to be known as the North Island’s “weather making machine” because together with the moist air stream off the Tasman, it created the prevailing westerly weather that we used to know so well. Now 20 years later the forests are dry, the westerlies are much less prevailing, & spring & early summer droughts are the new norm in the North Island. This is in an area that used to flood every spring according to the locals! The air here is now often hard to breathe, even though my father still reminisces about the great King Country air… and there is always a haze that is very obvious at night because we hardly see any stars now, & there is usually a misty halo around the moon. I can still remember standing outside & marvelling about the Milky Way not so many years back, but now I can’t see it at all on most clear nights! I also have photos of halos around the sun like were seen over Timaru recently. Also some odd rainbows that have more than seven bands, usually 10… not double rainbows like we see quite commonly, but actually with extra bands! I saw one over Tauranga about 5-6 years ago that had 13 bands. They have the normal red through to indigo sequence 7 bands, then extra orange, yellow to green bands. Anyway, nice photos… I’ll have to send you some of mine sometime!

    • I’ve just moved to Taumarunui and have seen many many of these trails in the surrounding sky, it’s alarming to say the least. I wonder if it is why the plants we moved here have all died and why the vegetable garden grows so slow. I know they do a lot of topdressing, so maybe it is from that? Not sure, maybe topdressing is a disguise or an excuse.

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