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Canterbury drought forcing farmers to de-stock

As readers are aware, the widespread use of atmospheric aerosols is leading to severe droughts.  This one in Canterbury is the most severe these farmers have ever experienced. Newshub (TV3) 28th Aril 2016 North Canterbury is into the second year … Continue reading

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RadioNZ On Prince & His Interest in Chemtrails

Paul Casserly spoke to Kathryn Ryan about the late-Prince’s interest in chemtrails on RadioNZ’s Nine-to-noon just before midday today.   Casserly, who referred to information posted at, but did not mention the website’s name, said he wished he had … Continue reading

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OrganicNZ Magazine Has Eyes On The Skies But Not On The Facts

May/June Issue • Eyes on the skies: Erin Evis investigates geoengineering  The latest issue of OrganicNZ magazine  has brought atmospheric aerosol trails/geoengineering out from the shadows to address evidence which shows the environment is being poisoned and more.  However, the article … Continue reading

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Thick Haze of Aerosol Particulates Cloud Arapuni Air on April 25th, 2016

By James T. of Arapuni If it’s a clear day, why can’t I see forever?  These photos were taken at about 4:30pm on Sunday the 25th of April, 2016 in Arapuni, New Zealand looking West towards Maungatautari mountain.    This mountain … Continue reading

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Video: Skies Far From Natural by South Canterbury Sky Watch

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Weather Channel founder reveals UN agreement a hustle

By Craig Rucker of CFACT President Obama has chosen this “Earth Day” to bypass Senate ratification and send Secretary of State John Kerry to sign America onto the terrible new UN Paris climate agreement. This represents a radical legal and … Continue reading

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White Haze In The Air & Aerosol Trails in Whangarei on April 22

I made a point of taking these photos today because, as Clifford Carnicom highlights in a article posted on his website on March the 19th, 2016, there are very real relationships between how far you can see, the concentration levels … Continue reading

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Prince, Dick Gregory on Chemtrails & Manganese

Prince exposed the issue of “chemtrails” to millions.  It is very sad he has passed on.

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Maori Activist Calls For More Transparency From Government Regarding Aerosol Spraying Operations

Like many people around the world in recent years, Māori activist and former lawyer, Catherine Murupaenga-Ikenn of Ahipara, Northland has become increasingly concerned at seeing lingering aerosol trails transforming her formerly unpolluted skies. A passionate speaker on indigenous rights at … Continue reading

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Please Fill Out Incident Report When You See Aerosol Trails -Weather Modification Watch New Zealand

By Nigel Gray of  Weather Modification Watch New Zealand on Facebook Our group now has over 400 active members. We are investigating and reporting on weather modification (and geo-engineering) in New Zealand. To aid in this effort we have now … Continue reading

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