Very Few Reports Of Sightings of Aerosol Trails To Ministry For The Environment Compared To Facebook

Aerosol trails over Nelson, Feb 15, 2014

A common sight, aerosol trails over Nelson, (Feb 15, 2014).

Mr Malcolm Scott, post-graduate researcher of Christchurch contacted the Office of the Minister for the Environment, Hon. Dr Nick Smith on March the 14th, 2016 with a request for information on the reports of aerosol trails/ chemtrails the Office had received in the last three years.

If the contents of the two-page reply, posted below and dated April the 11th, is true, it shows that the Ministry had very little on record.  In the column ‘Information reported’ on the table below, only 14 sightings are listed and it mentions someone from Nelson advised [chemtrails were seen] on ‘more days than not.’

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know why there are so few reports submitted to the Ministry for the Environment – a tiny fraction compared to the multitudes posted on each a year,[1].  It is because Government has a policy to deny the existence of atmospheric aerosols and it labels those who know they are a genuine phenomenon, “conspiracy theorists.”tui ad 1

The use of the term “conspiracy theory” was traced back in the book:  ‘Conspiracy Theory in America,’ (2013), to the CIA’s propaganda campaign that was aimed at discrediting those who questioned the Warren Commission’s bogus investigation into who killed President John F. Kennedy.   It stands to reason then that this insidious term is used as a tactic to humiliate and belittle those who are able to see through the façade, and undermine and stifle the voices of those who question official government accounts.

smith-key-thats-a-good-oneDr Smith has been consistently unreceptive to information regarding atmospheric aerosols and not seemed concerned at their potential impacts on New Zealand.  The documentary, What in The World Are They Spraying? showed him laughing inappropriately while discussing the matter of chemtrails in Parliament on June the 15th, 2010 and while he chortled, he erroneously claimed the trails being observed “simply come from jet engines.”

As in other letters from the Ministry for the Environment to members of the public posted on this website, there is an official denial:   “New Zealand is not in involved in any programme of geoengineering or solar radiation management.”    Wrote Mr Scott: “The Ministry for the Environment’s narrative has officially changed from “unaware/no evidence” over the last five years to this. Well, I’m just going to have to send Dr Smith a letter about this.”



This request for information followed one submitted to the Ministry under the Official Information Act, (OIA) by Mr Scott regarding atmospheric aerosols on February the 8th, 2016.   The reply, dated February the 29th and signed by Roger Lincoln, the Director of Climate Change, is at the link here:


  1. One can find photos and reports of sightings of aerosol trails/”chemtrails” on on people’s personal pages, and in the following Facebook groups: Australia & New Zealand Against Chemtrails & Geoengineering,’ ‘Awake & Aware NZ,’ ‘Weather Modification Watch New Zealand’ and ‘Chemtrails over NZ,’ and ‘Chemtraits,  among others.

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