Climate Change Minister going to New York next week to sign New Zealand up to climate agreement

If this agreement is officially adopted, there will be a massive transfer of economic and political power to unelected bodies and a transfer of trillions of dollars of wealth into the hands of the global elite.  It will create a world government and a carbon dictatorship on the illusory basis that carbon dioxide is causing the planet to warm.

The ongoing use of chemtrails/weather modification technology is of significance to the climate change agenda. In New Zealand evidence shows the technology has been used to create extremes which are then blamed on “man-made climate change,” making Government’s refusal to acknowledge this technology all the more traitorous.

NZHerald,  April 13, 2016

Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett will head to New York next week to sign New Zealand up to a historic climate agreement.

Mrs Bennett said the signing ceremony at the United Nations on April 22, which 130 countries will participate in, was another step towards ratifying the Paris Agreement.

There is no deadline for the ratification, which covers emissions obligations after 2020 and commits all countries to limiting global temperature rise to 1.5C this century.

Once the agreement is ratified, Mrs Bennett said, the more difficult task of moving New Zealand to a low-emissions economy would begin.

“Quite frankly, there’s some easy ways to do that, and there’s some harder ways. And I want to go down the harder path to start with.”



Jet Pollution Exempted from Paris Climate Agreement!!

NZ to sign historic climate agreement




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1 Response to Climate Change Minister going to New York next week to sign New Zealand up to climate agreement

  1. mikelowe2013 says:

    What a disappointment that Paula Bennett should fall for this idiocy. She has shown competency and common sense in her previous portfolios, but has obviously not studied or not understood the science behind the AGW scam. Not that this makes her any worse than the rest of our politicians, and they only need to get a sniff of a justification to increase taxation for it to be legislated. We have a near-death coal-mining industry just when we are approaching a cooler period and will need every drop of CO2 we can generate to enhance plant growth.

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