Please Fill Out Incident Report When You See Aerosol Trails -Weather Modification Watch New Zealand

Nigel GrayBy Nigel Gray of  Weather Modification Watch New Zealand on Facebook

Our group now has over 400 active members. We are investigating and reporting on weather modification (and geo-engineering) in New Zealand. To aid in this effort we have now a form to complete for any reports of chemtrails or other observations. Please use this form when reporting new incidents.

There is an e-mail address on the form which you can use to send any related photos connected to the report. By the way, as far as I am aware this is the first Geo-engineering report form of its kind in the world. If people want to use it, our page is where they need to come!  The link for this report form is here:

And from Malcolm Scott a message also:  “Time to Speak Out! Despite thousands of Facebook posts, according to the Ministry for the Environment only about 14 ‘reports’ of aerosol spraying activities were received by them since 2013. Perhaps they need more convincing, easily done: just e-mail and address to the Director Climate Change – send any photos with date/time/location and ask MfE to investigate AND ask to be informed of the outcome of their investigation. Every report creates a public record to hold the MfE accountable, as they should be, to the public and the protection of the environment. I’d like to know how you get on, if you send/receive to/from MfE please message me at”

Regards, Nigel Gray

Here is a sample of the form filled out:

report form

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