Large Aerosol Trail Seen Over Auckland on Tuesday, 3 May at 11am

This first photo was taken from Mt Roskill at 11am approximately.   The second photo shows the same trail about 15 minutes later.  This was evidently not a vapour trail, as it lingered and spread out.james mt roskill 11am James mt roskill 11.15am

caleb IMG_3191

Photo: Caleb L., Showing the same trail over Auckland, May 3, 2016. 11am. Note the  puffs at regular intervals along the bottom of this, suggesting a piston pump was used to eject the matter.

Thank-you very much to Tavia Kane of Sandringham, Auckland for sharing this video of the same trail, which she took at about 11am this morning from Sandringham.  Unfortunately, the plane involved was not identified using

Showing the same aerosol trail.  This photo was also shot in Auckland and by Helen Wd of the Facebook group, Chemtrails over NZ, which currently has 1484 members.  Note the aircraft in the foreground of this photo revealing the monstrous size of the aerosol trail.

Helen wd

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Declassified NZ Defence Force Reports Reveal Chemtrail Linked To Outbreak Of Illnesses

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4 Responses to Large Aerosol Trail Seen Over Auckland on Tuesday, 3 May at 11am

  1. Aileen Lowe says:

    See these over Nelson alot!

  2. Vinny Eastwood shot video of the trail in Auckland also.

  3. Ross Marsden says:

    That was FJ451 Nadi to Christchurch, a B737 at 36000 ft. Registration DQ-FJM

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