Coloured Aerosol Trail, Ripples In Sky At Drought-Effected North Canterbury

The disaster capitalists are at it again. Thank-you to anti-chemtrails/geoengineering activist, Marian Sutherland of Hawarden, North Canterbury who took these excellent photos of aerosol trails on Saturday morning, May the 7th, near drought-effected Hawarden. The first one, showing aerosol trails, was taken at 7.45am.    The following one showing sheep on parched land, was taken at 8.04am.Hawarden 7.54am  7 may 2016Sheep on drought effect land 8.04am  7 May

Near Hawarden north canterbury 7.38am 7 maymay 7 ripples near hawarden, north canterbury Above:  7.56am Ripples show electromagnetic energy is stimulating the atmosphere. The weather manipulators need aerosol trails to measure the effect of the energy input and decide whether to employ other measures if required.

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5 Responses to Coloured Aerosol Trail, Ripples In Sky At Drought-Effected North Canterbury

  1. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

    As I mentioned on Facebook page, these are incredibly good photos. Definitely not praising this aerosol crap in the image, but praising Marian for keeping her eyes to the sky and capturing these foul scenes.
    Since when does cloud resemble an oil slick in its colours? Fantastic capture of the oxides reflecting in the sunlight. You look at those colours and one can only imagine how one’s lungs are probably the same colour. Colours of Illness, respiratory problems no doubt will rise, so called authorities will tell us they don’t know why…. it’s easy to know why, just LOOK TO THE SKY, it’s in plane (plain) sight.
    The skies here over South Canterbury and i know they are reaching further south and north of Timaru, but the sky is absolutely loaded today, now time being 3.30pm, the sky is just blanketed. Wait and see what comes. With Ozzie about to get a good drenching, a lot of the rain, moisture will possibly be poured from Australia, just like a tea pot and head over the Tasman. Maybe wrong but just wait and see over the next few days and week.
    Marian, keep up the great work with that camera of yours. 😉

  2. Peter Woodhall says:

    Sunday, May the 8th, 2016. There are chemtrails all over Christchurch today – from 9 am to 4 pm I have witnessed at least 6 of them. Some criss-cross over each other. At my suburb, near New Brighton they were right over top of us. I have taken many pics of them since 2011 and posted them on ‘The Con Trail’ web site. Wonder what is in this Chem mix this time. Is it more weather modification or perhaps setting up for more man made Earthquakes?

  3. Marian Sutherland says:

    I truly appreciate your encouraging comment ” South Canterbury Sky Watch,” and like you, I feel compelled to document some of the anomalies I see in our skies, in order to learn more about the covert / overt manipulation of our atmosphere and weather for my own education, as well as helping others to become aware of this crime.
    Peter from Christchurch, thanks also for sharing about the noticeable chemtrail spraying activity seen in our skies today,Sunday 8/ 05/ 2016. I haven’t counted all the trails I’ve seen today ( yet! ), but there were many throughout the day, causing the sky to be littered with white lines, and swathed in a layer of aerosol material by dusk. Interestingly, although I frequently checked on Flightradar24, I was unable to find the identity of any of the chemtrailers, as they were not revealing themselves/ transponders off….and some were not following normal flight paths.

  4. Greg says:

    I am concerned about this weather modification ,but what I don,t understand is, why doesn’t someone stop this from happenning..
    We can all see the chem trails and on the rain radar there is transmitting signals from Blenhein shooting down to Canterbury which looks like Haarp is in action heating these trails which dries up the atmoshere hence the dry weather in the last few months.
    How do we stop this?

    • Good question. I think you should direct your query to the Ministry for the Environment, and the Environmental Protection Authority, as these bodies have a duty to protect the environment.
      General enquiries to the Ministry for the Environment:
      Freephone: 0800 499 700
      Phone: +64 4 439 7400

      EPA General enquiries
      Phone: +64 4 916 2426
      Fax: +64 4 914 0433

      Let us know what replies you get please, as a researcher named Malcolm Scott is taking note of their conduct.

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