NZHerald: Pollution: How does your town compare?

NZHerald, By Gemma Hartley  18 May, 2016

New Zealand scientists are trialling new technology in Canterbury that could revolutionise how centres can better monitor and control air pollution.

A new stage of a Niwa air quality project is about to get underway in Rangiora, as a World Health Organisation (WHO) index again highlights how some South Island towns have rated poorly for air pollution.

Last year, scientists installed and tested new hi-tech sensors in 14 Rangiora homes during September to detect when people were using their woodburners.

Each participant had since received an information pack with detailed information about the air quality in their home, temperature variations and dust peaks.

The scientists found that while it was easy to detect when a woodburner was lit, it was much harder to tell when the fire had stopped burning.


Above: From the NZHerald, WHO has released an updated index that measures air pollution in hundreds of cities around the world.   I believe it should state MICRONS, NOT MICROGRAMS as the measurement of width.



Pollution, Concentration and Mortality


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1 Response to NZHerald: Pollution: How does your town compare?

  1. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

    The WHO..”World Health Organization”, established back in 1948 by the United Nations. Before the United Nations, it was The League Of Nations. These look to be started by Rothschild and Rockefeller.
    “The WHO is very corrupt – the global mother of USA’s AMA. You see, big pharma, FDA, CDC, USDA, DHS (Department of Human Services) are becoming entwined and somewhat merged, causing a complete breakdown of our medical, health and human services systems.”
    In that article above, New Zealanders might also be interested to see New Zealand mentioned along alongside USA.
    Take a read of these couple lines,
    “….It would also effectively end the ability of individuals to become and remain self-sufficient. “Control the food supply; control the people”.
    Its got to the stage, whenever you see the alphabet names, WHO, FDA, CDC, EPA, E-CAN would fit in there too and many more names, one has to ask what the real agenda is.
    Above is an article about so called smoke pollution. Smoke has been around since caveman started playing with fire, but what wasn’t around back in caveman’s days were skies loaded in bloody aerosols e.g. Aluminum, Barium, Strontium and christ knows what other crap but here we have the so called alphabet clubs such as E-Can singling out the smoke from your chimney. And NEVER one mention of the ingredients that have been found, world wide in rain tests, such as the ingredients i mentioned above.
    In the mean time, one can just sit back and ever so slowly watch and see`s what happens, to your food supplies, while so called smoke apparently fills your air, remember, your lungs are being filled with the likes of Aluminum, not only your lungs but also the soils you rely on to grow your crops.
    Take a look at this article, the image of 4 seeds is of huge interest. Look at the percentage of Aluminum that is delivered to these seeds and see the difference.
    See the difference and think about the next time you go get your fruit and vegetable supplies. Look at the price, Look at the size, do you think we are already seeing the effects?? Look at the weather, not only locally but worldwide, does the weather seem like its gone mad? How can one control food supplies? Simple, control the weather, but its ok, chimney smoke is your concern.

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