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The Strange Times We Live In: Geoengineering and Morgellons Disease

VeteransToday June 20, 2016 Tanker Jet Spraying and Its Effect on Human Health   A friend of mine sent me the following graphic a few days ago. It expresses, through a heavy dose of irony, the strangeness of the times … Continue reading

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Lost Arts Radio – Maximize Your Resistance & More – 6/20/16

Published on 21 Jun 2016 A Lost Arts Radio Special Event Announcement! On Monday, June the 20th, 2016, Lost Arts Research Institute had a class on how to maximize your resistance to Wi-fi, chemtrails and other environmental hazards. This show … Continue reading

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Aerosols Caught on Valencian Community Radar/ Heater Array Returns Valencia, Spain has one of the largest online accessible radar systems anywhere.                  It is known as Valencian Community…  These are Radar returns from the last two plus days. Within the loops … Continue reading

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New Bye Bye Blue Sky Chemtrails Billboard – Windsor, Ontario!   June 19, 2016,  By Suzanne Maher Thanks to the brilliant efforts of activist Bernadette Gervais Greene, founder of G.A.G. Canada, a new Bye Bye Blue Sky billboard in Windsor, Ontario has now gone up.  A a 10′ x … Continue reading

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Chemtrails, chembombs and now RAIN BOMBS is this what is causing floods worldwide? Wimp reports on this “rare phenomenon” Last summer, photographer and storm chaser Bryan Snyder was taking some long distance photos of a storm as it broke over Tucson, Arizona, when he captured a once-in-a-lifetime event. As the rain fell over … Continue reading

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The Demise of Rainwater by Clifford E Carnicom

(Eds note: We reported on a pH test done on rainwater in Whangarei at the link here, which found that the pH was far higher than it should be.)  by Clifford Carnicom, June 19, 2016 “The single most important … Continue reading

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More evidence to suggest Timaru’s air pollution probably attributable in large part to aerosols

Further to the reports regarding the high levels of air pollution in Timaru,  these photos, showing a sky heavily polluted with aerosol particles,  were taken at Caroline Bay in Timaru yesterday, the 17th of June 2016, shortly before sunset. Is … Continue reading

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More on that “dark oily-looking” Aerosol Trail Shown in the Otago Daily Times on June the 15th

Further to yesterday’s post regarding the Otago Daily Times (ODT) publishing a photo of a “dark oily-looking” aerosol trail,  we received additional information from Barbara Hearn, who lives in the Dunedin suburb of St Leonards who said the trail was … Continue reading

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Otago Daily Times Includes Image of Aerosol Trail Described As “Dark Oily-looking”

In the 15th of June, 2016 edition of the Otago Daily Times in The Wash section by Dave Cannan were these images of aerosol trails with a description of what Maria Aiau called a really dark oily-looking trail she photographed from … Continue reading

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Lost Arts Radio Show On Maximizing Resistence to Aerosol Fallout & more

I thought some of your visitors might be interested in the short online free class I will be giving on Monday, 6/20 [9pm EST, which is Tuesday, 1pm on June the 21st, NZT], on how to maximize natural immunity and … Continue reading

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