NZ Govt agrees to official investigation over weather data access

Posted by WW Forecast Team on 02/06/2016

For the first time since the 1980s the New Zealand Government has agreed to investigate why tax funded weather data is currently being blocked for open use by NIWA and MetService – and what data could be freed up in the future.

The announcement came from Minister Steven Joyce on Monday following a several year campaign by to give the public access to data they have already paid for.

Since 2008 has been working with people across both sides of the political aisle and within the past year received boosted support from the Prime Minister and the Labour leader.  With the two government forecasters restricting use of data already owned by tax payers it’s limiting innovation in New Zealand within not only the private sector, but public agencies too.  Change is well overdue.

In a one page letter emailed to on Monday afternoon Mr Joyce outlined the Government’s initiative “Open and Transparent Government” (


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2 Responses to NZ Govt agrees to official investigation over weather data access

  1. Nigel Gray says:

    I do think this is excellent news and does show the impact we are all having on this subject. While I doubt the government investigation will do much, it does raise the profile on weather modification and our efforts to get the truth.

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