Aerosols Caught on Valencian Community Radar/ Heater Array Returns

Valencia, Spain has one of the largest online accessible radar systems anywhere.  

               It is known as Valencian Community… 

These are Radar returns from the last two plus days. Within the loops you can see Aerosol disbursal over three to four hour periods. This system displays 20 minute intervals, in loop format, of the installation’s Weather Radar format. That is; what is made available for public view.

All of the systems of this nature are interfaced with numerous dishes, Radar fences, Antenna, return data collection subarrays, et al.. In several images of the installation secondary RF/EMF transmitters – AKA Heater Arrays – are visible. This is far more than your standard, even upgraded, Technologic R and D research installation. Look at the constant radiants. This place is cooking. Here is the data slideshow.  


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