Lost Arts Radio – Maximize Your Resistance & More – 6/20/16


A Lost Arts Radio Special Event Announcement!

On Monday, June the 20th, 2016, Lost Arts Research Institute had a class on how to maximize your resistance to Wi-fi, chemtrails and other environmental hazards. This show included information and ideas for you on natural strategies to raise your immunity and resistance without the use of chemicals or drugs.

Richard Sacks, independent holistic health research scientist since 1965, shares measures you can use to counteract and reverse the effects of electronic and chemical assaults on your body that are taking place right at this moment with the blessings of the U.S. government and other governments around the world. Stopping these attacks against us, is of course the best answer. But until that is accomplished, whatever we can do to minimize the damage we suffer is well worth the effort to learn and do. 

Lost Arts Radio

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